Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Bad Day.......(part 2)

My idiotic saga continues...........(if you haven't read my previous blog post then do so now or this will make no sense whatsoever)

So I go to the DMV to clear my license since it was suspended and I had no idea what to expect. Trips to the DMV can be pretty epic so I was nervous. Especially since the night before I had a dream that I went to the DMV and told them why I was there and they smiled and nodded and told me to follow them to a back room. I went back with them and suddenly a cop grabbed Sam and walked out of the room and before I could say anything the other cops surrounded me and all came at was awful!!!  Kevin wanted me to ask my dad to watch Sam while I went or to come with us, but there was no way I was ever going to tell my dad my story! He would be so disappointed in me! I tell my mom EVERYTHING and I hadn't even told her any of this at this point, but we'll get to that later... 

We got there and you have to fill out a huge sheet so I do my best to hurry and I eventually looked down to see what Sam was doing because he was being so patient and so good and he was playing with something on the ground. Never figured out what it was, but I'm pretty sure it was either vomit or gross!!! Smelled like death! Bleh......So I'm trying to clean him up while we are standing in this long line (try and picture this if you can) but Sam wanted me to hold him and wouldn't stand on his own so I'm carrying him and my big bag and all the paperwork and the mystery gunk, which is now on me, and Sam has now decided that it was a good time to touch and name all of my facial parts (eyes, nose, teeth, hair, etc) meanwhile I'm dodging his nasty fingers and trying not to drop anything while ignoring all the stares from the huge line of people surrounding me. Sheesh! It was a long line. We eventually made our way to the lady and I tell her why I am there and she simply gives me a number and tells me to sit and wait. 

I was bummed I had to wait again, but grateful she didn't chew me out like the last lady. So we sat and waited for a super long time. I looked at all the workers there and secretly decided the ones that I wanted to help me and the ones that I didn't want to help me. Luckily the girl that called my number was one that I wanted! I told her why I was there and she took the papers from me and did a lot of clicking on her computer and then asked, "Are you also here to renew your license?" I was confused and asked her what she meant. So it turns out that my license had been expired since August so ya.......

"Wait........your telling me that my drivers license was suspended AND expired???" She simply said yes and gave me a moment to soak it all in. Then she said, "Its a really good thing you didn't get pulled over..." Ya you have no idea. I couldn't even respond. In my head I was adding everything up. So if I would have gotten pulled over I would have had a warrant out for my arrest, a suspended drivers license, and an expired license! They would have cuffed me for sure!!!! I would have done jail time!!!!!!!! Me!!!!! All for rolling through a stupid stop sign! GAH!!!

I paid my fee and they took a new picture of me (which I totally look like a vampire in it p.s.) and they gave me my temporary license and I was out of there as fast as I could go. I sat in the car and gave myself a moment to try to shake off all my nerves and I looked at my phone and I had gotten a text from my mom. Crap. I mentioned before that I hadn't told her any of this and I knew she would see my blog and if she was mad/disappointed then she just wouldn't say anything and if she felt bad for me then she would call me. Well it turns out she didn't feel any of those things......she was laughing hysterically! She thought the whole thing was hilarious! She took me out to lunch right then and there and it totally made the past two days feel like no big deal. We laughed and laughed and she shared all the stupid things my siblings have done and how much trouble they had gotten in and I felt loads better! I wont share, but know that I'm not the only crazy McDonald that's out there ;)

So I think my "bad day" is officially over. I definitely have learned A LOT from this ordeal and I vow to be more responsible from here on out! Look out world! There's a new boo in town! The worst part and saddest thing of all of this is that this is totally a justified "white donuts" situation and I didn't even get my white donuts to make myself feel better :( Stupid hostess. If any of you were lucky enough to get a bag before they were gone please feel free to drop off one white donut on our porch for me :) Thank you.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Bad Day........


 Do you ever get that feeling where you feel like you are in trouble and you don't know why??? Well, I have that feeling today but I know exactly why I am in trouble.......... This is a sad and horribly embarrassing story so please be kind when you see me and don't make fun of me too much! (I think the reason I am sharing this with you is to make light of the situation and make myself feel better......? Hopefully it will work)

So back in June I did a post on how I got pulled over for my very first time. I was pretty mad I got pulled over considering it was because "I rolled thru a stop sign"..... This is what I remember happening. He pulled me over and gave me a piece of paper and told me that I had 6 months to go into court, plea guilty, and pay the fine and if I didn't go in then it would be on my record and they would mail me my fine. That is EXACTLY what he told me. So I kind of put it on the back burner because ya know life has been kind of busy (selling our townhome, moving, getting pregnant, new job, etc....) and it wasn't even a ticket, but I knew I had to get it done by December.

 So the day after Thanksgiving I was having a lovely time eating Sushi with my awesome cousin Janeen and Clayton and Amanda when I brought up that I should go and get this taken care of. Janeen and Amanda immediately were really serious and anxious about it and told me to call and go in right away. So that's what I did today. Oh today. What a crappy day today has been. I hate today. I call and talk to a million people before I find who I should be talking to and guess what? Oh no big deal but there is a warrant out for me and my drivers license has been suspended. WHAT?!? SERIOUSLY??? I told the lady on the phone what the cop had told me and that there must be some mistake and she had no clue why he would have said any of that. Apparently (and you probably all know this but me) if you get a citation you have 14 days to go in and if you don't then they put out a warrant for you. So ya......I have been a fugitive on the run for five months now. FIVE FLIP'N MONTHS!!! Do yo know how lucky I am that I haven't gotten pulled over??? They probably would have arrested me and who knows what they would have done with Sam. Ugggggh! I am completely sick about all this right now. I can't believe all because I rolled thru a stop sign (which btw I totally stopped!) I am in this much trouble. I feel like a complete idiot and I guess today it proves that I really am. 

So today I went into the court and paid my fat fine while listening to the lady behind the glass repeatedly ask me "Did you not know there is a warrant out for you?"...."You have a warrant after you"....."Your license is suspended"....."How did you not know to come in?"..."How did you not know there was a warrant out for you?".........I tried to explain that the address they had in their system was one that we lived at five years ago so I never got any mail or had any clue I was in trouble but apparently that was my fault too. I thought bringing Sam with me would soften whoever I had to talk with, but it didn't help. It was totally and completely humiliating. So tomorrow I will go into the DMV and give them the clearance to remove my suspension (that is if I don't get pulled over on the way there.....) and get the whole lecture all over again. 

Since today was already so awful (forgot to mention the part where I accidentally opened the car door right in Sam's head giving him a huge goose egg.......poor boy!) I decided to finally go in and get that dreaded flu shot I've been avoiding. Might as well right? Lets just make this day as bad as it can get! So I went in and got it and had a fun conversation with another pregnant girl who was waiting there and we talked about root canals and kidney was delightful. Best part of my day. Hopefully Kevbev will come home and make the night right and hopefully Sam will have forgiven me when he wakes up from his nap. So here's to all of you who are having a bad day today. Cheers! Maybe I'll laugh about this one day, but for now I'll continue feeling something like this.................


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Lets talk sushi. I LOVE sushi. It really is quite simply amazing and I think I could eat it every single day. I debated on whether or not I should write this post about it because I knew it would make me want it that much more, but we had a fun little experience so I thought I would share :)

Now before I start, I know what you are probably're pregnant! You shouldn't be eating sushi! So I've decided that there are different levels of sushi eaters. You have your beginning level which basically will only eat something like a California Roll. California Rolls have crab in them which is cooked so technically you aren't eating raw fish.


This is one of my favorite rolls so I don't think its wussy if this is all you can eat :) If you have never tried sushi definitely start out with this bad boy........YUMMMM! Ok, so the second level is the intermediate level which basically means you can handle most rolls and will eat slabs of raw fish on/in your roll. I think I fall into this category. Some I think is nasty but I've had some yummy sushi where they lay the fish on top with a slice of lemon and Mmmm! Perfection! 


The last level I call the advanced level (or the you are out of your mind level) which eats pretty much anything they put in front of is beautiful to look at but I don't know if I will ever be able to handle sashimi (raw slabs of meat served by itself). I am definitely not there yet. Here is an example of what I'm talking about.


So back to my fun mom volunteered to take Sam for a couple hours so we could go on a date and I knew right away what I wanted. SUSHI! My two most favorite rolls in the world are the California Roll and the Vegas Tempura's a pic.......


This is hands down my favorite. I love it SO MUCH! It is amazing. Its practically like eating dessert it tastes so good! And the best part is that the salmon in it is smoked so it is cooked too! So even though I am pregnant I can eat my two favorite rolls. Tender mercies :) Haha jk!

So we went to Tsunami in Sugar house which is some of the best tasting sushi I've ever had. I was still a little nervous to go just because there is still a small chance that the chef could use a knife that already cut raw fish and then use it to prepare mine......but that is so unlikely so ya.....we went. We were seated at the Sushi bar which was a super fun experience! I've never sat there before and I probably didn't look as cool as I felt but oh well! I felt cool! We chatted it up with all the sushi chefs and got our yummy sushi. Next to me there was an older couple who definitely fell into the "advanced level" of sushi eaters. They were eating some frightening yet mesmerizing stuff. Suff that looked like this.....


They started to tease us because we were being such wimps with our sushi so I made the defense comment that I was pregnant so I couldn't eat what they were eating even if I wanted too (though I totally did NOT want too) Then the man said "Oh its fine. Eating sushi in moderation when you are pregnant is totally acceptable." We just kind of sat there and then his cute wife said, "You can trust him. He's a doctor" Turns out this guy sitting next to us is the head NICU Doctor up at Primary's. Amazing! All my worries flew out the window and I started eating the rest of their ugly sushi that they didn't want and then jumped over the bar and ate all the raw fish I could find................ok ok so maybe not...........I didn't eat any "real" sushi but at least I felt safe and now I can eat as many California and Vegas rolls I want!!! (Well in moderation I suppose ;) It was a fun night! So if you are pregnant and craving sushi go at it! And if you have never tried it go for it! And if you already love sushi then call me and lets go! Man I love it. So for now I guess I'll eat my wafer cookie and dream of something even better........ Mmmmm sushi :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012


My awesome friend Lauren ( recently did a Q&A post and my reward for reading it is now having to do my very own, so here you go.......thanks Larbar! (Oh and just a quick answers aren't nearly as clever and witty as Lauren's so if you haven't read hers yet definitely check it out)

1 / What do you wish you were better at saying no to?
I wish I was better at saying no to Sam. So far I've noticed as a parent I am totally a pushover. Sam is only two years old but he knows that when daddy says no to that second (or third) piece of candy he can go straight to me and I'll sneak it to him ;) Gah! I've got to become more strict, but he is just so cute and I can't say no to that face!

2 / What do you love most about where you live?
Well this question is fun since we just moved. Right now I love how convenient this area just minutes I have a target, Barnes and Nobles, In & Out, Home Depot, Paradise, Einsteins, Noodles and Co, DownEast, Lonestar, and Outback Steakhouse all at my disposal!!!  Amazing! Its all here! (can you tell I'm pregnant and pretty into food at the moment???)

3 / Who would you nominate as person of the year + why? 
I would definitely nominate my one and only Kevbev! He has been my rock this year. He keeps me grounded but at the same time gives me hope that all our dreams will come true! I'm sure you know how many anxiety's and fears I have and he seems to keep them at bay :) He works SO HARD for us and gives us the best life. I couldn't be happier or more blessed. So here's my shout out to you Kevbev! You are officially the person of the year! Woot woot!!!

4 / What makes your skin crawl?
 Cotton. I hate it. Are you surprised? I don't really like to talk about it. I can't touch cotton. Specifically cotton balls. The way they get caught on your finger nails and start to separate and pull apart........................Ok I'm sorry but I can't talk about this anymore. My bones literally hurt! Bleh!!!

5 / What was your first job?
 I got my first job in 7th grade as a bus girl for Los Hermanos. I don't think I understood the concept of having a job because half the time I wouldn't go in purely because I didn't feel like it and when I was actually there all I remember doing was eating fried ice cream. I was a terrible employee! I may or may not have been fired......I can't remember :)

6 / Name your top 3 restaurants. 
Bombay house-Love it! Totally recommend it if you like Indian Food!
Zupas- They have the most amazing Mango Berry Salad that I'm in love with :)
Oh Sushi- I love sushi and I miss it so much right now....this little joint is my favorite. Hopefully we will end up living close by this place again soon :)

7 / Would you rather age forward or backwards from this point forward? 
This is a hard question. There are days where I miss the "good old days" when I spent everyday in the studio dancing my heart out and some days I wish we could just fast forward and I could have all my kids here and know they are all ok and safe and we could have our house and be completely settled.........but honestly I don't want to miss a second of any of it (it already seems to be flying by too quickly) and I definitely wouldn't trade life now for what it used to be. I think I'll stay right here thank you :)

8 / How do you measure success? 
 I measure success by the peace and happiness it brings. Whether if it's me or others that have succeeded I feel it inside and it makes me happy!

9 / Describe yourself in 3 words? 
Silly, emotional, and tricksy ;)

10 / What is the very best smelling perfume?
 Off the record I think this is a very weird and random question......... I don't wear perfume but I have always loved my mom's. She wears Beautiful by Este Lauder. (Hope that wasn't a secret Mama!)

11 / Do you prefer to read, write, or run in your free time?
Hmmmmm.......I prefer none of the above...... Haha! I love to be with my family and friends in my spare time and in my sparest of spare time I like to sit with my lappy and look up amazing singers like Ramin Karimloo, Anthony Warlow, and Michael Ball on youtube and dream of singing alongside them on broadway............AHHHH BLISS!!!!! But if I had to choose from those 3 thins I would choose read, then write, and then lastly (avoided at all costs) running.

So there you have it! Don't you feel so much closer to me now?!? Hope you learned something new about me and had some fun because I definitely had fun doing this Q&A. Until next time!!! 


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Winds of Change........

Well to say that the "winds of change" have blown over our little family would be a huge understatement. Literally everything in our lives has flipped upside down and for a while there it was really hard for me (just ask, but now I am happy to report that all is well and we are very happy with our new life and our new routine :)

So what has changed in our life you might ask? Well..........we officially sold our home, we moved, we stayed with my parents, we moved in with my brother, Sam turned two, Kevin got a job offer and accepted it so now he's starting a new job and saying goodbye to candeo, since Kevin is changing jobs we have new insurance so we have to find all new doctors (super sad for me because I am in love with my OB), all the while I am slowly changing because I have a little peanut growing inside me..... :) So feels like nothing is the same! Nothing!!! I'm not even the same! LOL. It is sooooo funny because for months these were things I was praying for. I wanted change so bad and then when it actually happened I found myself wanting nothing to change (I know I know....I am totally messed up)but in my defense I didn't think it would happen all at once! I loved living in Georgetown and I loved our ward so much so leaving was pretty tough, BUT we are doing so great now!!! My brothers house is amazing and it already feels like home. We have the entire basement to ourselves and it will be the perfect temporary home until we find a home of our own soon. Keep your eyes and ears open for anything you think we would be interested in. I can't wait to start house hunting, but for now I couldn't ask for anything else. We are SO blessed and so lucky to have each other. So that's it for are some pics just for fun :) Oh and happy fall! Love this time of makes me want to go buy school supplies ;)

                                         Sam's birthday party! Can't believe he is two!!!

     Clayton and his stink'n adorable baby glad I get to see him everyday!

                                                                      Cute boys!

 Our living room can see Sam feels right at home and has made himself quite comfortable here ;)

 Had to show off our new mini fridge......I am in love! Perfect for all the ginger ale I'm downing......

                                                                   Sam's new room

                                                              Our lovely room

And lastly, here is a cute video of Sam blowing out his candle at his birthday party.........mental note to never sing Happy Birthday ever again......I apologize in advance ;)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life in limbo

Life at the Davis household right now is.........weird. We are living everyday the same as we have always lived it, but everything (and I mean everything) is about to change. We are in total limbo! I feel like I did right before we had Sam. We knew our life was about to take a dramatic turn, but we didn't know what to expect and the unknown is so scary. That's how life feels for me right now. In a couple of weeks we will be gone and who knows what everyday will be like. I guess we wont know until we are in it :)

It's funny how fast you can change. I remember all I wanted for so long was for us to sell our place and now I am so sad we are leaving! My awesome brother and his wife are taking us in while we save and look for a house. Part of me is so excited to finally be in that stage of house hunting, but then the other part of me is SO excited to not have to pay a mortgage and just enjoy being FREE! My brother and his wife are expecting any day now so I can't wait to spend time with them and their sweet little baby! And my brother is an amazing cook so instead getting text messages with pictures of what amazing dinner he is eating I'll be able to actually eat some of it too!!! Ok......I think writing this post is therapeutic and helping me calm down a bit. Life will be fine! Everything is fine! I AM FINE! Haha! (Can you tell I'm about to have a big ginormous breakdown???) 

I'll keep you posted with how the move goes and how life is once we are settled in our new temporary home :) Until then enjoy this funny video. I think its pretty darn cute ;)


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Birthday!

I've never been a huge fan of birthdays. Your expectations are super high, your one year older, and you're expected to be all happy all day's a lot of pressure. Its not like I expect there to be fireworks or a parade in my honor, but I want.......lets see how do I put this.......I want all my dreams to come true! Basically that's it. Is that too much to ask??? I had one birthday when I was little and I swear that it was perfect. I woke up and the living room was filled with all the toys I could have ever wanted and then we had a huge party all for me and I ate as much cake as I wanted and it was a perfect birthday...... (I sure do hope I didn't make all that up.....I swear it was real!) Don't get me wrong, I've had a ton of amazing birthday's, but this year was different. This year all my dreams came true :)

My birthday fell on a Sunday so I kind of decided to pretend that Saturday was my birthday. It was an extremely busy day and we had a few showings so we were out and about all day long and I was so worried that something would go wrong to mess up our plans for that night. (It feels like every time I am excited for something I stress and worry about getting sick or others getting sick and then of course it almost always happens) Thankfully this was not the case. My parents and my siblings (excluding P & you guys) all made it to Olive Garden for dinner and it was a blast! I love being able to joke around with all of them. It feels like we're laughing the entire time. It was so much fun! Then me and Kevin headed off to go to Capitol Theatre where we saw.........................WICKED......dun......WICKED....dun.....WICKED!!!!!!!! (If you know the music then you know what I just did there ;) I have wanted to see this musical from the moment it came out on Broadway and so this really was a pretty big dream of mine :) While we were in the lobby our amazing realtor sent me a text to call him asap. We had time before the show was going to start so I gave him a call. Ok wait.......I need to slow down. Let me back track for a second. 

So our place was getting a ton of traction and we actually received an offer but it didn't work out so when anyone would ask me what I wanted for my birthday I would say "I want a bidding war on our place" me crazy or greedy but that is what I wanted. People would laugh and so would I, but deep down it was what I really wanted! We even joked about it at dinner that night. So when I called our realtor that night I couldn't believe what I was about to hear......

We received two offers!!! I couldn't believe it! They were both very different so we had to wait to see what the final offer would be. So Wicked started and I was completely overwhelmed by my emotions. I couldn't believe I was sitting there hearing that beautiful music and that we finally were going to be able to move forward with our lives. The feeling was incredible! What a glorious night! Wicked surpassed all of my expectations and I absolutely loved it! The next day was just as awesome. I felt so much love from my ward, family, and friends and of course my sweet Sam and Kevbev :) It was a perfect birthday indeed! Monday came and we signed a bunch of papers and I am happy to report that we are officially under contract! Woopedeedoo!!! I can't tell you how amazing it feels to leave the house and not feel like I have to scrub down every inch just in case someone shows up to look at it. Cleaning constantly has definitely been the hardest part for me during this process. Keep your fingers crossed that the rest of the steps go smoothly and there are no more hiccups ;)

Pretty sweet birthday huh?!? The only downside was I got a TON of treats and I have no self control so I ate most of them in 24 hrs which did not make my stomach very happy. On the plus side though I was on a fun sugar high for days which was pretty funny ;) Thanks to everyone who made my birthday such a wonderful and life changing day!!!

(Oh and I couldn't do a post without some fun pics so here you go!)

  See why cleaning was such a pain for me? I'd go to the bathroom and come out to it looking like this! GAH!!! No joke!

My awesome friend Lindsay posted a karyoke video of me onto fb for the whole world to see so I guess this is kind of pay back :) Mwahahahahaha!

                                          But look how cute her hair turned out to be!!!

                               Sam looking pretty studly riding a tractor at Wheeler Farm

                                  Eating lunch with his two best friends.....bear and blanky :)

                                      Sam LOVES the dinosaur play place at City Creek!

                                                      We like to be silly most days ;)

                           This picture cracks me up! Sam is definitely pretty spoiled over here......

                                               Kevin and I at Wicked!!! Best. Night. Ever.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Townhome!

Here's a little house update.........we just lowered our price! Exciting huh?!?  Haha :)We are now asking $119,900. We feel really good about it and hope you tell your family and friends or anyone you know who may be looking. It's such a great place and is in the most wonderful neighborhood. Wish us luck as we continue on this journey of selling. Hopefully soon we will be on the road to buying! Thanks for all your help!!! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Park City

We just got home from our big Davis family reunion that took place up in Park City. It was SO much fun! I fell in love with the mountains, the food, the music, the shops, the cool fall air, the quaint streets, and of course my family :) 
Kevin's Grandparents paid for the entire trip....even any food or activities got reimbursed. Grandma Davis said she saved up for ten years to make this trip happen! I loved every second so here's a shout out to them for making it all possible. I made it a goal to capture all the fun moments (couldn't catch them all, but I did my best) so here are some pics of our fun trip!

                                   Our amazing room.......we stayed right on main street!
                                                               Our very own kitchen!

Nicest bathroom I'd ever seen.....I took three showers during our four day stay and I hate taking showers.....I usually never shower on vacation!

                  My own little nook to do my makeup....when we buy a house this is a must!

                                                                 Swimming time!

                                              Wonderful giant hot tub....Sam LOVED it :)
                              I loved it too, even though my face doesn't look like it in this pic ;)

 Full on party in the hot tub......even Great Grandpa Davis got in! This was probably my favorite moment during the whole trip :)

                Sam looking so sweet and innocent after keeping mommy and daddy awake all night.......          

                                                   Breakfast with the Warren family!

It was a swanky breakfast.....I ordered Eggs Benedict for the first time.......I described every bite as I was eating it, Master Chef style ;)

           Sam ate a chocolate croissant that I may or may not have finished for him......

                       Going shopping on main street.......Great Grandma Davis and Johnny

                     As we were shopping a random parade came down the street! Hysterical! 

                                                   Who loves Park City??? I do!!!!!!!!!!

                                                           Oh sorry.....Sam does too!!!

                                               But I think he loves mommy even more ;)

                                                                Taking a stroll.......

                             Kevin looked even more handsome then the big tough statue man ;)

                                                       Having so much fun exploring....

                                                Scott and Sheri and kids and Johnny :)

                                                 Our secret entrance into our hotel......

 This is the happiest I've seen Kevin in a long time....eating steak tacos on our balcony and playing his mandolin :)
                                My yummy lunch! (I think we ate Mexican every day.....haha!)

 The Alpine Slide!!! So much fun! (If you read Kevin's fb post then you know who won our "discussion")......we actually had a worker ride up the lift with us and when she asked us how old Sam was I immediately piped up and said, "He's two.....he turned two this month.....on the fifth.....he turned two on July 5th." Hehehe ;)

 Sam had so much fun on the slide he literally passed out on our way back to the hotel.....

                                            And I mean literally passed out! Bahahahaha!

                         So I have crappy feet, but after the slide they were really bad...........

                                           Gruesome close up......yes that is blood......

                So Kevin made me call and go to a wonderful Spa where I got my first pedicure!

 I booked a 30 minute pedicure but when they saw my feet they felt so bad for me so they gave me the hour long appointment for the same price!!! Freak Yah! I took this pic after they dipped my feet in scolding hot wax and wrapped them all up where I sat in bliss for twenty minutes......lets just say I don't think this will be my last pedicure ;)

 The end result! Cute!!! (I wish I had a video of me hobbling up the street back to the hotel....people couldn't help but snicker at me as I passed them.....hehe)

 Look at the difference! Now my heel is as smooth as a baby's _________.


Our last night there we all gathered together and Great Grandpa Davis told us stories of our family's genealogy....Kevin made fun of me later because I was the only one who got teary eyed and starting crying......even though I'm a Davis now I still have A LOT of McDonald in me. Lol ;)

                           We ate our last breakfast here before heading off to the outlets

Sam found a friend!

                                                                  What a sweet boy!!!

                                        The entire Davis family all together! Love this family!!!
                                        Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!! We love you!

(Kevin and I have a funny tradition where we come up with a phrase that we say over and over again during the trip to see if it catches on and others start saying it too. Last year on our McDonald family vacation it was "That's so web!" one even noticed or if they did then they totally ignored it.........This year we said "Freak YAH!" in a really funny low voice................. it didn't catch on or again maybe they all just ignored us........haha! Well, we have an entire year to come up with another super awesome one so maybe next year we will be successful!!)