Friday, August 26, 2011

Jackson Hole!

We had a fun little getaway this last weekend. My family participated in a relay race that started in Idaho and ended in Jackson Hole. My mom and I went to support everyone (and to have a little fun ourselves) and boy did we have fun! We drove all the way there ALL by ourselves!!! I'm still amazed that we found our way. Ha! Here are some fun pics of the race and trip~

Kevin and little Steve after the race......look how cute those two are!!!

Marshall looking good and feeling good now that he has his chocolate milk :)

My dad telling us how dreadful it was.........JUST KIDDING! He loved it and rocked it!

Clayton and Amanda, or as I like to refer them as.....Clamanda! What champs!!!

Sam and Kevbev......I think Sam is wondering if he will be big enough to run next year :)

The whole team at the finish line. They were amazing! Go team McShavis!!!

Silly Tom, Michelle, and Wendy Davis at the rodeo....guess my dad was really into it ;)

Kevbev, Sam, and little Steve at the rodeo.......Steven must have been looking at the same thing my dad was!

We loved the rodeo!!! (it was my first one) So fun! (oh and I guess it was Sam's first one too?!?) Wonder what he was looking at.......Hmmmm, maybe we should have been watching the rodeo instead of taking all these pictures :)

So before the trip Sam was really sick. For days life looked a little something like this.........

And this...........

So that's why during this trip my nights looked like this..........

Can you see that little thing sleeping right in the middle of that huge comfy bed??? Yup that's Sam alright! Poor little guy and poor me! Hah! But we really did have such a great time. It was so much fun spending time with both mine and Kevin's family. I love you all! Oh and remember.........what happens in Jackson, stays in Jackson!!!

A Boo-tiful Day!

Dear Boo,

Happy Birthday! I can't believe it's your Golden b-day (26yrs old on the 26th Whoo whoot!) Sam and I are so lucky to have such a wonder mommy and wife to take care of all of our many ailments, eccentricities, and diapers (that last is just Sam...). We love you so much and can't wait to see what the next 26 yrs brings. So kick back, buy a good trash magazine, and enjoy your day. We love you soooooooooooooooooooo much!


Kev Bev and Sam


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sam's First Pair of Drum Sticks

About a week ago we went to the drum store and bought Sam his first pair of drum sticks! So exciting!!! We took him straight home and sat him down and put a stick in each hand and this was the result........

Pretty incredible huh??? He loves them so much and we sure do love watching him play! We were amazed how he knew what to do with them. Now, the guitar is a different story........

Doesn't seem to know that playing it doesn't involve sitting on it! Silly boy ;) Well since its been a little over a week since he's had his sticks he has learned a lot. We've had him on a strict training schedule and here is the proof.......(note: it may look like Kevin is holding his hands, but this is all Sam)..........

Ok ok, so maybe Kevin was helping a little bit ;) I just love watching Sam and Kevin have fun together. We never could have known what joy and fun this little guy would bring to our family each and every day. I'm so lucky to have my two boys :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

White donuts

We slowly had to get back into real life after our fun family trip, but things are going great. I can't believe it is already August. The summer is flying by! I don't think I'm going to make all my summer goals but oh least I can look back on it with a smile on my face :)

Lots of things have happened lately and I am left feeling so humbled and blessed. We had a little scare with Sam last week and I can't seem to get over it. At his 9 month appointment his iron levels were low so we were told to give him an iron supplement for a month and then come back to get retested. We did and his levels didn't change at all. I guess they were supposed to jump up real high, but they didn't. So I figured we would do the drops again for another month and see, but my doctor told me right then and there to take Sam to the hospital to get more tests done. Of course I'm trying to stay calm and not lose it completely in the car and I'm proud to say that I didn't. I stayed strong. They took blood from his arm and he was such a champ! It took them like five minutes (not exaggerating) to find a vein and he didn't cry until they were just about done. Incredible! So we went home and waited for the news. Usually I get on Web MD whenever I have weird symptoms or am not sure what's going on, but thankfully I didn't........(I always end up thinking I have a fatal disease or better yet TEN fatal diseases). Our Doctor finally called and.................. everything looked completely normal! All his red and white blood cells were the right size and count and his capacity to hold iron was actually normal too, so I guess he will just tend to me anemic just like me :) Our Doctor sounded SO relieved and I think that that's when it hit me that this could have been a really scary big deal.

So the days that have followed I've been pretty clingy and needy (poor Sam) and just so grateful he is healthy. So one of my "hidden" little secrets (I don't know how hidden this is) is that I LOVE those white little donuts, you know the ones that you can buy at the store? They used to have huge bags full of them, but now they just have packs of five or a slightly bigger box. They are my absolute favorite! I'm kinda embarrassed about how much I love them so I always try to go to a store that has a self checkout so no one will judge me! hehe! Whenever I go thru something rough....white donuts......whenever I am emotional.....white donuts.....whenever I am sick.....white donuts......whenever life just feels hard......white donuts....... I think you get the idea ;) So driving home from the hospital I stop at a gas station and pick some up. I was scarfing them down and Sam was watching me and I looked at his little arm all bandaged up and realized "Hello! Sam is the one who should be eating white donuts, not me! He went thru all the hard stuff!" So I gave him his first white donut........

I think this picture shows how much he liked it :)

One of my favorite parts of being a mom is that I'm finally not focused and thinking of myself all the time. I absolutely love it! Living the way I was before was so exhausting, seriously! It's amazing how I would take any hardship or illness away from Sam and give it to myself without a moments hesitation. I love him so much and I love being able to love unconditionally ♥ So glad your are ok buddy!!!