Monday, January 5, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

We had a wonderful Christmas here at the Davis household this year. It was full of parties and fun outings and I'm SO grateful that we were healthy thru all of it! Truly a Christmas miracle! So many things made this year so special..... I hope I'll be able to do it justice with this post :)

First off, Our family got the best present a month early..... Kevin finished grad school! He is completely done! Having him around every night and seeing him so happy and stress free has been AH-MAZING. I'm so proud of him :)

Sam was so excited for Christmas. I think he has talked about Christmas as least once every day since last year! He was so enthusiastic during all our Christmas preparations. He even made his own Christmas list and pinned it up on the fridge all by himself. The morning after we put up and decorated our Christmas tree we found Sam sitting by it crying. He had been so happy and excited when we decorated it so we had no clue why he was so upset. We asked him what was wrong and he said, "Santa didn't come....." We blew it. He thought that next morning was Christmas! Talk about a parenting fail!!!! We made a Christmas chain so he would know exactly when it would be Christmas morning and every day he couldn't wait to rip one off :) Some years it feels like Christmas comes and goes by so fast, but this year I feel like we made the most of every single day and it was absolutely magical! 

We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house and it was so fun! Every year we have a big program with the Smiths where the kids/adults can perform a number and Jane participated for her first time! (It might shock you to know that Sam has still yet to perform......we like to blame it on creative differences) We strapped some jingle bells on Jane and she danced to Shake it Off! 

Christmas morning was the worst because Sam and Jane actually slept in and I woke up at like five because I was so excited! Lol! We had fun going over to the Davis house and eating our traditional "McDavis McMuffins!" Mmmmmm mmmmmm! Here are some fun pics :)

Jane loved looking at all the cute Christmas cards we got! (Mental note: don't forget to do Christmas cards again next year....) 

Decorating the tree!

Taking a ride on the train at our annual Christmas shoes event!

Janie boo loved it!

Me pretending to be Clara and having all my dreams come true ;)

My family used to always fight about who's turn it was to put the angel up on the tree..... I sent this pic to all my siblings to let them know that it was in fact my turn this year.....again....... :)

Me and Morgs doing what we do!

Neighborhood gifts!

Our cute primary acting out The Nativity :)

Sam and Kevbev on Christmas Eve! 

Ok here is a tricky one...... Which one is Jane and which one is Kevin?!?!?

Me and Janie Boo on Christmas Eve!

Love Sam's Christmas jammies! After we put them on Sam informed us that he does NOT like polar bears....

Excited to go sleep!!!! (For like the first time EVER)

I took this pic after everyone was asleep...... Magic!

"Oh my man! Santa ate the cookies!"

Jane polished off any leftover crumbs ;)

The note Santa left for Sam....... I am so impressed by his cool handwriting ;)

He thought it was pretty cool ;)

Checking the stockings!

Let the present opening begin!

Opening presents! 

Fireman Sam!!!

My sweet new bag I got from Kevin and Sam! (It's an "over the shoulder" bag- totally the new craze right now) Cute Sam told me a few days before that he and daddy bought me a green purse for Christmas..... Kevin could hear him from the other room and screamed "Noooooooo" as he ran in and tried to stop him! Hehe!!!

Jane's favorite gift..... A music box that plays Swan Lake :)

Kevin was really excited for his present.......

A Doctor Who blanket from Who?!?!? BOO!!!!!!!

Sam got a "Rob" hat that he loves :)

After we opened all the presents Kevin told Sam that he got a text from Santa that said to go downstairs and find his last present. He ran down and found this super cool firestation!!!!

Pretty sweet huh?!? 

Even came with a potty just in case fireman Sam needs to.....ya know....... ;)

Jane getting her cuddles in :)

We love Christmas morning!

My awesome sister in law Angie made this for me! Gorgeous!!!!

The fun did not end on Christmas this year..... We had a big extended party with all the McDonalds on the 26th and Saturday the 27th we had my immediate family party which entailed a trip to see The Nutcracker, a Mexican feast, and getting completely spoiled by my parents!!! Boy did my mom go all out this year! Each family got a tent and a sleeping bag for every single family member (keep in mind that there are 28 of us!) Everyone individually also got a present, their Christmas shoes, AND each family received the special box which contains a thousand gift cards to all the best places!!!! We draw names in our family so we also opened those gifts and had our big traditional book exchange! What an epic night! We were all completely dead the next day! Haha! Here are more pics.......

At The Nutcracker! It was so hard not having Morgie there this year. She has been so sick and missed all of our family parties...... I'll have to do another blog post about her psycho health stories soon.....missed you Morgs!!!! Oh and thanks Amanda for taking the pic! :)

Cute cousins! 

Aaron taking the famous Christmas Shoe pic.....

The actual famous Christmas Shoes pic!!!! Can you guess which one is mine? If you could see how high the heel was you would know ;)

Speaking of shoes, here's a random pic of Jane trying on my shoes..... Not Christmas related but still I thought it was too cute not to share ;)

My sister in law Rachel made these for me for my present..... Can you believe it? I am going to hang them up in my little ballet studio in our basement when it's done ❤️❤️❤️

The books we ended up going home with! Not bad, except Kevin got the girly one and I got the Jim Gaffigan one ;)

"The Special Box!"

Ok for those of you that have stuck it out and are still reading you are in for a real treat so keep's almost over!!! Something crazy exciting and mysterious happened this year...... We had a Christmas Mystery!!!! Let me explain......

A few mornings before Christmas my parents found a huge sack full of six beautifully wrapped boxes with a red bow around them. Inside was also a large envelope that said, "Please do not open until you are with your immediate family and their children." Inside that envelope were smaller red envelopes that had each couples names on them..... Ours said "Kevin and Rebecca" which I found intriguing because no one calls me Rebecca anymore! That was it. Didn't say who it was from or anything. So we all had to wait until we were all together which wasn't until Saturday night.  We sure all had fun guessing what was inside and who it was from! So the night of the 27th we sat down together and we all opened our envelopes and this is what each of them said.....

FINALLY we all opened up the really big and HEAVY boxes and can you guess what was inside?!? We all had our own ideas, but I don't think anyone could have guessed this.......

Absolutely amazing. Can you believe it?!? So beautiful and sooooo expensive! We looked up how much these cost (there were six total) and believe me they were not cheap. What a perfect generous and so touching. 

Now I know what you're wondering....did we eventually find out who did this for our family? Well the answer is no. We still don't know who did this wonderful thing for our family. I just pray that whoever you are will see this blog post so you can know how much love and joy you brought to our family! We will never forget this year because of you and your selfless anonymous act! Everytime I look at this beautiful statue I will be reminded to love and serve all those around me. Thank you to whoever you are!!!!! And thank you for reading this ridiculously long post!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! ❤️❤️❤️