Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Park City

We just got home from our big Davis family reunion that took place up in Park City. It was SO much fun! I fell in love with the mountains, the food, the music, the shops, the cool fall air, the quaint streets, and of course my family :) 
Kevin's Grandparents paid for the entire trip....even any food or activities got reimbursed. Grandma Davis said she saved up for ten years to make this trip happen! I loved every second so here's a shout out to them for making it all possible. I made it a goal to capture all the fun moments (couldn't catch them all, but I did my best) so here are some pics of our fun trip!

                                   Our amazing room.......we stayed right on main street!
                                                               Our very own kitchen!

Nicest bathroom I'd ever seen.....I took three showers during our four day stay and I hate taking showers.....I usually never shower on vacation!

                  My own little nook to do my makeup....when we buy a house this is a must!

                                                                 Swimming time!

                                              Wonderful giant hot tub....Sam LOVED it :)
                              I loved it too, even though my face doesn't look like it in this pic ;)

 Full on party in the hot tub......even Great Grandpa Davis got in! This was probably my favorite moment during the whole trip :)

                Sam looking so sweet and innocent after keeping mommy and daddy awake all night.......          

                                                   Breakfast with the Warren family!

It was a swanky breakfast.....I ordered Eggs Benedict for the first time.......I described every bite as I was eating it, Master Chef style ;)

           Sam ate a chocolate croissant that I may or may not have finished for him......

                       Going shopping on main street.......Great Grandma Davis and Johnny

                     As we were shopping a random parade came down the street! Hysterical! 

                                                   Who loves Park City??? I do!!!!!!!!!!

                                                           Oh sorry.....Sam does too!!!

                                               But I think he loves mommy even more ;)

                                                                Taking a stroll.......

                             Kevin looked even more handsome then the big tough statue man ;)

                                                       Having so much fun exploring....

                                                Scott and Sheri and kids and Johnny :)

                                                 Our secret entrance into our hotel......

 This is the happiest I've seen Kevin in a long time....eating steak tacos on our balcony and playing his mandolin :)
                                My yummy lunch! (I think we ate Mexican every day.....haha!)

 The Alpine Slide!!! So much fun! (If you read Kevin's fb post then you know who won our "discussion")......we actually had a worker ride up the lift with us and when she asked us how old Sam was I immediately piped up and said, "He's two.....he turned two this month.....on the fifth.....he turned two on July 5th." Hehehe ;)

 Sam had so much fun on the slide he literally passed out on our way back to the hotel.....

                                            And I mean literally passed out! Bahahahaha!

                         So I have crappy feet, but after the slide they were really bad...........

                                           Gruesome close up......yes that is blood......

                So Kevin made me call and go to a wonderful Spa where I got my first pedicure!

 I booked a 30 minute pedicure but when they saw my feet they felt so bad for me so they gave me the hour long appointment for the same price!!! Freak Yah! I took this pic after they dipped my feet in scolding hot wax and wrapped them all up where I sat in bliss for twenty minutes......lets just say I don't think this will be my last pedicure ;)

 The end result! Cute!!! (I wish I had a video of me hobbling up the street back to the hotel....people couldn't help but snicker at me as I passed them.....hehe)

 Look at the difference! Now my heel is as smooth as a baby's _________.


Our last night there we all gathered together and Great Grandpa Davis told us stories of our family's genealogy....Kevin made fun of me later because I was the only one who got teary eyed and starting crying......even though I'm a Davis now I still have A LOT of McDonald in me. Lol ;)

                           We ate our last breakfast here before heading off to the outlets

Sam found a friend!

                                                                  What a sweet boy!!!

                                        The entire Davis family all together! Love this family!!!
                                        Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!!! We love you!

(Kevin and I have a funny tradition where we come up with a phrase that we say over and over again during the trip to see if it catches on and others start saying it too. Last year on our McDonald family vacation it was "That's so web!" one even noticed or if they did then they totally ignored it.........This year we said "Freak YAH!" in a really funny low voice................. it didn't catch on or again maybe they all just ignored us........haha! Well, we have an entire year to come up with another super awesome one so maybe next year we will be successful!!)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

4th of July

Last years fourth of July was a tad rocky and I thought that this year would be completely different, but it turned out to be the same story. Let me explain.......

Sam is sensitive. Let me rephrase that (Kevin hates it when I say that) Sam gets scared and sad very easily......obviously he got those traits from Kevin......Ok ok yes, he obviously got them from me. It's all my fault! When he was a baby he would start to cry if I laughed too loud and if you have ever heard my "real" laugh then you can imagine how often he cried :) He has gotten a lot better, but last year was a nightmare as far as fireworks go. We thought that he would LOVE them this year but we didn't even get the chance to find out. We went to the parade on Evergreen that morning and the first thing to come down the street was the police men on their motorcycles going "WEEEOOOOHHHHWEEEEEOOOOHWWWEEEEEOOOOHHHH" all the way down. Needless to say, Sam was terrified. He didn't enjoy much after that and was pretty paranoid the whole rest of the day. Any noise would set him off. When the big jets started flying that night we knew we better get him home and asleep in bed before all the big fireworks went off. Luckily we made it and he actually slept through the night.

I'm starting to realize that Sam is learning a lot from example and I may not be the best example all of the time. That same night while we were eating dinner a bee kept following me and I was freaking out trying to get it away from me (stupid bee!!!) but it wouldn't leave me alone! Yes I admit that I am scared of bees. Now every time we are outside and Sam see's a bee he flips out and totally loses it. From the way I've reacted, in his mind he probably thinks a bee will kill him! I promised myself before Sam was born that I wouldn't let my kids have the same irrational fears like I did growing up and I must say that I'm not doing a very good job. If one day Sam starts crying in the bath tub because he is scared that a crocodile is going to come through the drain then I will definitely know that I have failed him.

Here are the few pics I took on the fourth :)

                             There's Rowan, Ash, and Cedar with Marsh and Papa Steve
                                                           Sam with Grandpa Tom
                                                               Yay for the parade!
 At one point Kevin was sitting all alone enjoying the parade by himself......totally made me laugh!
                                                             Sam and momma!
 All the cool kids standing in the shade....... I love this pic because it describes everyone's personalities so well.....Wendy and Nancy so casual and cool enjoying life, my dad grooming a tree, Johnny arguing with somebody about something, and little Steve stroking his dark locks making sure he looks good ;)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Make em laugh

I've had a few experiences as of late that have been on my mind and keep making me giggle randomly so I thought if I wrote them down then maybe I'll be able to stop burst out laughing.......lets give it a go shall we???

One morning I woke up early and took a shower. I went downstairs to blow dry my hair (didn't want to wake up my boys) and I didn't realize that my blow dryer was clicked on full blast. I was holding it in a way that it was pointed directly at my face.....I'm sure you can see where this is going......I plugged it in the outlet and VRRRRUUUUMMMM! Totally scared me half to death! It all happened so fast that I didn't really even know what was happening. I simultaneously did some sort of ninja roll to get away while I threw the blow dryer at the wall. I gathered my senses and was finally able to go and turn it off. Luckily Sam and Kevin slept right through it all and I finally calmed down enough to dry my hair :)

I got pulled over for the first time in my life the other day. I saw the cop car flashing behind me and pulled over thinking he was going for someone in front of me. I sat and waited for him to pass but then noticed he was sitting right behind me. Crap. I had no clue what I had done. Apparently I had "rolled through a stop sign." It was all very embarrassing. He had to help me find my registration because I had no clue what it looked like, meanwhile I am babbling on about who knows what... making jokes here and there (I think at the time I was trying to flirt with him in hopes of getting out of a ticket) and then I had to sit and listen to him explain to me what a complete stop consists of and practice counting to five with him so I can remember how long to wait next time I am at a stop sign.......blah blah blah.......Basically now I have to call and schedule a time to go to court and plead guilty and pay the fine and all will be wiped clean. So crazy. I seriously must have looked like a complete car was filled to the brim with bins full of junk because during that time someone was looking at our place (he probably thought I was living in my car or something). I had Sam back there who was throwing goldfish crackers everywhere, making more of a mess, and laughing the whole time. Oh yes and of course then there was me, the dysfunctional young looking teenage mother whose life clearly must be completely and utterly out of I must be really bad at flirting.........would you have given a ticket to someone like me??? I know I wouldn't have!

Do you ever wonder how you would react in the face of danger? Well I always have and the other morning I got a glimpse of it....... Kevin and I said our goodbyes as he headed off to work and I went about my way and started to fold our bed. A couple minutes went by and I guess that Kevin forgot something so he came back inside. I didn't hear him come in or come up the stairs. I started walking towards my bedroom door when suddenly he opened what did I do? How did I react? I plunged down in some awkward fetal position on the floor and didn't move. No attack stance or sudden grab for the nearest lamp to throw or hand thrust to the nose....nothing! I think me and Kevin learned a lot from this experience. Kevin may or may not have ordered me a taser online for me to use for my protection. Still wont do a lot of good from the fetal position on the ground ;)

I volunteered to play a musical number at a rehab facility in our area for a relief society lesson. I figured Sam would be fine since there would be other sisters there to help me out when I was playing. Pretty much the entire trip was a disaster. For the record I did my best trying to keep him quiet, happy, and maintained.We got there and Sam decided that all he wanted to do was pound on the piano. I got him away from that and encouraged him to play chess. All was fine until he started throwing all the chess pieces all over the room during the prayer and opening hymn. I heard some little lady there ask if there was percussion being played during the song. Ha! Then he decided that wasn't fun anymore so he began to throw the pool table balls everywhere. Those poor old ladies were ducking left and right trying to avoid his surprisingly good arm while I was scrambling to catch the balls and stop him from throwing them. Then I get up to play and he loses it. Completely breaks down and starts screaming hysterically. Cute sister Dudley tried everything to help calm him one point he was sitting on the piano bench with me but he was grabbing and clawing at me so she took him out and probably went as far as you could go but we could still hear his loud screams. I finished playing (didn't miss a single note I might add) and she brings him in and he stops crying the second I take him in my arms. I made eye contact with the relief society President and her face basically said, "LEAVE NOW PLEASE!!!" So we did just that :) Not sure if I'll get asked to help again anytime soon......

So there you have it. Pretty funny stuff I must say so myself ;) I hope my weird little life brings a little laughter into yours. Speaking of laughter, here is a funny video I took of Sam yesterday. Both me and Sam laugh pretty hard every time we watch it......hope you do too :)


Thursday, July 5, 2012

For kicks and giggles.....

For some reason I absolutely love these two videos......they aren't anything special, we were just hanging out, but they really make me laugh :) Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!! (Yes I am laughing at Sam because he totally trips and falls....I am not a horrible's funny because he can't see! Bahahaha!!!)