Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sam's Birthday!

We had a fun time celebrating Sam's birthday this year. He turned 3! Can't believe it! We spent the weekend at the Davis family cabin and and when we got home we had a big surprise for him. We decided to turn part of the basement into a playroom for Sam. Kevin and I stayed up past midnight putting it together before we left so that when we got home from the cabin (on his bday) it would all be ready and waiting for him :) I wish you could have all seen his face. He was SO excited! He couldn't believe it was all for him! It was a very special moment for all of us :) 

That night we had cake and ice cream with the Davis family and it was a blast! I took tons of pictures so I'll let them do the talking ;)

              At the cabin! I like this pic because it looks like Sam is saying, "Go America!"

                                                     Taking a walk down by the river

                                                             King of the Mountain!

                                      Jane eating her socks.......it's her new favorite thing :)

                                   Sam slept on the top bunk! Look how excited he is! haha ;)

 Steven and Siena......love them! This picture was taken right at the moment when Siena zinged Steven and totally put him in his place. Never knew how feisty she can be ;) hehe!

 I tried to take a cute pic of them lying on the bed together and believe it or not, this was the best one........

                                                            Still not very cute.....lol ;)

                                                               Before picture............


                                                              Soooooooo happy!!!

                                                            Opening his presents :)

                                                 Having fun with his cool new helicopter

                                                        Random, but cute, pic of Jane :)

 Sam loves to build towers and show them off by saying, "See!" and gesturing with his hand....so funny!!!!

                                                               Blowing out his candle!

                                        Papa D with Great Grandpa and Grandma Davis

                                                       The wonderful Scott and Sheri :)

 Sam eating two pieces of cake (because it is his birthday and he can do whatever he wants!)

                                                         Opening more presents!

                 I love how excited my dad looks here! He's on the edge of his seat! bahahahahaha!!!

                                          Sam's favorite present of the night......a flashlight!

                                                        Baby Jane enjoying the party :)

                                                              Sam's birthday cake! 

                  The next morning after his big day we both ate cake for breakfast.......delicious!

           Happy Birthday Sam! We sure do love you and your big smiley happy face!!!!!!!!!!!