Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Silly Sam :)

Just thought I would share some funny moments we captured on camera. As you will see, Sam loves to play and have fun and listen to mommy make monkey/dolphin noises! haha! Love this little guy ;) Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Fools and April News!

The first day of April is one of my most favorite days.....April Fools. I have a lot of good memories from past years. Cellophane on the toilet, rubber band on the sink hose, a broken leg, getting evicted from our apartment, being pregnant, being pregnant with twins..... the list goes on and on. How can I say this best..... I LOVE PRANKS!!! My only trouble is that I usually ruin them because I can't hold in my laughter in time for the prank to take place! But this year I did especially well :)

Kevin is scared of one thing and one thing only......snakes. So naturally this is the direction I wanted to go. I "borrowed" a fake snake from my parents and kept it hidden in my car until the perfect moment would arise. Kevin left to go on a run and I knew this was my opportunity. I grabbed the snake and put it in his drawer knowing that when he got back he would take a shower and go straight for that drawer. Needless to say my plan went just like that ;) He came home and I was rocking Sam in his room. I was giggling all through his shower and when he got out I held my breath and kept my head down. He went straight for the drawer!!! I heard him open it and immediately I heard a "OH MY GOSH" and two loud thuds. The first thud was him slamming the door shut and the second was him flying backward and landing on his back! At this point I was crying with laughter and Sam was pretty smiley too :) Kevin was not amused at all and I could tell he was trying really hard not to punch anything! He kept pacing around trying to calm down and I felt bad, but I couldn't stop the tears from pouring out!!! (you should know that right now as I am writing this I am laughing uncontrollably just reliving this moment) It was priceless! Don't worry, he eventually came around and laughed it off too! After all this I decided not go through with the other prank I had in mind for him......lotion on the toilet seat.....hehe :)

I still wanted to pull a prank on some of my friends and family, but I knew they would know it was an April fools joke so I decided to invent "Belated April Fools" and wait a few days. I sent this picture out on my phone and I tricked everyone who got it! So no I don't really have bangs!

What a fun time of year! We had Sam's 6 month appointment and here are his new numbers.

-Height- 25 1/2 inches-25th percentile
-Weight- 15 lbs 9 ounces-10th percentile
-head circumference- 25th percentile

So it looks like he is a tiny guy, but I swear that by looking at him you wouldn't think so! I am going to start feeding him solids everyday now and try to get his weight up a bit. He is so wonderful. I love his little personality and the sweet spirit he brings into our home. My favorite moment of our appointment was when the Doctor was trying to look in his ears and eyes with the flashlight and Sam kept grabbing it from him! He sure does love flashlights and we sure do love him ♥