Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life in limbo

Life at the Davis household right now is.........weird. We are living everyday the same as we have always lived it, but everything (and I mean everything) is about to change. We are in total limbo! I feel like I did right before we had Sam. We knew our life was about to take a dramatic turn, but we didn't know what to expect and the unknown is so scary. That's how life feels for me right now. In a couple of weeks we will be gone and who knows what everyday will be like. I guess we wont know until we are in it :)

It's funny how fast you can change. I remember all I wanted for so long was for us to sell our place and now I am so sad we are leaving! My awesome brother and his wife are taking us in while we save and look for a house. Part of me is so excited to finally be in that stage of house hunting, but then the other part of me is SO excited to not have to pay a mortgage and just enjoy being FREE! My brother and his wife are expecting any day now so I can't wait to spend time with them and their sweet little baby! And my brother is an amazing cook so instead getting text messages with pictures of what amazing dinner he is eating I'll be able to actually eat some of it too!!! Ok......I think writing this post is therapeutic and helping me calm down a bit. Life will be fine! Everything is fine! I AM FINE! Haha! (Can you tell I'm about to have a big ginormous breakdown???) 

I'll keep you posted with how the move goes and how life is once we are settled in our new temporary home :) Until then enjoy this funny video. I think its pretty darn cute ;)