Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Bad Day.......(part 2)

My idiotic saga continues...........(if you haven't read my previous blog post then do so now or this will make no sense whatsoever)

So I go to the DMV to clear my license since it was suspended and I had no idea what to expect. Trips to the DMV can be pretty epic so I was nervous. Especially since the night before I had a dream that I went to the DMV and told them why I was there and they smiled and nodded and told me to follow them to a back room. I went back with them and suddenly a cop grabbed Sam and walked out of the room and before I could say anything the other cops surrounded me and all came at was awful!!!  Kevin wanted me to ask my dad to watch Sam while I went or to come with us, but there was no way I was ever going to tell my dad my story! He would be so disappointed in me! I tell my mom EVERYTHING and I hadn't even told her any of this at this point, but we'll get to that later... 

We got there and you have to fill out a huge sheet so I do my best to hurry and I eventually looked down to see what Sam was doing because he was being so patient and so good and he was playing with something on the ground. Never figured out what it was, but I'm pretty sure it was either vomit or gross!!! Smelled like death! Bleh......So I'm trying to clean him up while we are standing in this long line (try and picture this if you can) but Sam wanted me to hold him and wouldn't stand on his own so I'm carrying him and my big bag and all the paperwork and the mystery gunk, which is now on me, and Sam has now decided that it was a good time to touch and name all of my facial parts (eyes, nose, teeth, hair, etc) meanwhile I'm dodging his nasty fingers and trying not to drop anything while ignoring all the stares from the huge line of people surrounding me. Sheesh! It was a long line. We eventually made our way to the lady and I tell her why I am there and she simply gives me a number and tells me to sit and wait. 

I was bummed I had to wait again, but grateful she didn't chew me out like the last lady. So we sat and waited for a super long time. I looked at all the workers there and secretly decided the ones that I wanted to help me and the ones that I didn't want to help me. Luckily the girl that called my number was one that I wanted! I told her why I was there and she took the papers from me and did a lot of clicking on her computer and then asked, "Are you also here to renew your license?" I was confused and asked her what she meant. So it turns out that my license had been expired since August so ya.......

"Wait........your telling me that my drivers license was suspended AND expired???" She simply said yes and gave me a moment to soak it all in. Then she said, "Its a really good thing you didn't get pulled over..." Ya you have no idea. I couldn't even respond. In my head I was adding everything up. So if I would have gotten pulled over I would have had a warrant out for my arrest, a suspended drivers license, and an expired license! They would have cuffed me for sure!!!! I would have done jail time!!!!!!!! Me!!!!! All for rolling through a stupid stop sign! GAH!!!

I paid my fee and they took a new picture of me (which I totally look like a vampire in it p.s.) and they gave me my temporary license and I was out of there as fast as I could go. I sat in the car and gave myself a moment to try to shake off all my nerves and I looked at my phone and I had gotten a text from my mom. Crap. I mentioned before that I hadn't told her any of this and I knew she would see my blog and if she was mad/disappointed then she just wouldn't say anything and if she felt bad for me then she would call me. Well it turns out she didn't feel any of those things......she was laughing hysterically! She thought the whole thing was hilarious! She took me out to lunch right then and there and it totally made the past two days feel like no big deal. We laughed and laughed and she shared all the stupid things my siblings have done and how much trouble they had gotten in and I felt loads better! I wont share, but know that I'm not the only crazy McDonald that's out there ;)

So I think my "bad day" is officially over. I definitely have learned A LOT from this ordeal and I vow to be more responsible from here on out! Look out world! There's a new boo in town! The worst part and saddest thing of all of this is that this is totally a justified "white donuts" situation and I didn't even get my white donuts to make myself feel better :( Stupid hostess. If any of you were lucky enough to get a bag before they were gone please feel free to drop off one white donut on our porch for me :) Thank you.

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Bad Day........


 Do you ever get that feeling where you feel like you are in trouble and you don't know why??? Well, I have that feeling today but I know exactly why I am in trouble.......... This is a sad and horribly embarrassing story so please be kind when you see me and don't make fun of me too much! (I think the reason I am sharing this with you is to make light of the situation and make myself feel better......? Hopefully it will work)

So back in June I did a post on how I got pulled over for my very first time. I was pretty mad I got pulled over considering it was because "I rolled thru a stop sign"..... This is what I remember happening. He pulled me over and gave me a piece of paper and told me that I had 6 months to go into court, plea guilty, and pay the fine and if I didn't go in then it would be on my record and they would mail me my fine. That is EXACTLY what he told me. So I kind of put it on the back burner because ya know life has been kind of busy (selling our townhome, moving, getting pregnant, new job, etc....) and it wasn't even a ticket, but I knew I had to get it done by December.

 So the day after Thanksgiving I was having a lovely time eating Sushi with my awesome cousin Janeen and Clayton and Amanda when I brought up that I should go and get this taken care of. Janeen and Amanda immediately were really serious and anxious about it and told me to call and go in right away. So that's what I did today. Oh today. What a crappy day today has been. I hate today. I call and talk to a million people before I find who I should be talking to and guess what? Oh no big deal but there is a warrant out for me and my drivers license has been suspended. WHAT?!? SERIOUSLY??? I told the lady on the phone what the cop had told me and that there must be some mistake and she had no clue why he would have said any of that. Apparently (and you probably all know this but me) if you get a citation you have 14 days to go in and if you don't then they put out a warrant for you. So ya......I have been a fugitive on the run for five months now. FIVE FLIP'N MONTHS!!! Do yo know how lucky I am that I haven't gotten pulled over??? They probably would have arrested me and who knows what they would have done with Sam. Ugggggh! I am completely sick about all this right now. I can't believe all because I rolled thru a stop sign (which btw I totally stopped!) I am in this much trouble. I feel like a complete idiot and I guess today it proves that I really am. 

So today I went into the court and paid my fat fine while listening to the lady behind the glass repeatedly ask me "Did you not know there is a warrant out for you?"...."You have a warrant after you"....."Your license is suspended"....."How did you not know to come in?"..."How did you not know there was a warrant out for you?".........I tried to explain that the address they had in their system was one that we lived at five years ago so I never got any mail or had any clue I was in trouble but apparently that was my fault too. I thought bringing Sam with me would soften whoever I had to talk with, but it didn't help. It was totally and completely humiliating. So tomorrow I will go into the DMV and give them the clearance to remove my suspension (that is if I don't get pulled over on the way there.....) and get the whole lecture all over again. 

Since today was already so awful (forgot to mention the part where I accidentally opened the car door right in Sam's head giving him a huge goose egg.......poor boy!) I decided to finally go in and get that dreaded flu shot I've been avoiding. Might as well right? Lets just make this day as bad as it can get! So I went in and got it and had a fun conversation with another pregnant girl who was waiting there and we talked about root canals and kidney was delightful. Best part of my day. Hopefully Kevbev will come home and make the night right and hopefully Sam will have forgiven me when he wakes up from his nap. So here's to all of you who are having a bad day today. Cheers! Maybe I'll laugh about this one day, but for now I'll continue feeling something like this.................


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Lets talk sushi. I LOVE sushi. It really is quite simply amazing and I think I could eat it every single day. I debated on whether or not I should write this post about it because I knew it would make me want it that much more, but we had a fun little experience so I thought I would share :)

Now before I start, I know what you are probably're pregnant! You shouldn't be eating sushi! So I've decided that there are different levels of sushi eaters. You have your beginning level which basically will only eat something like a California Roll. California Rolls have crab in them which is cooked so technically you aren't eating raw fish.


This is one of my favorite rolls so I don't think its wussy if this is all you can eat :) If you have never tried sushi definitely start out with this bad boy........YUMMMM! Ok, so the second level is the intermediate level which basically means you can handle most rolls and will eat slabs of raw fish on/in your roll. I think I fall into this category. Some I think is nasty but I've had some yummy sushi where they lay the fish on top with a slice of lemon and Mmmm! Perfection! 


The last level I call the advanced level (or the you are out of your mind level) which eats pretty much anything they put in front of is beautiful to look at but I don't know if I will ever be able to handle sashimi (raw slabs of meat served by itself). I am definitely not there yet. Here is an example of what I'm talking about.


So back to my fun mom volunteered to take Sam for a couple hours so we could go on a date and I knew right away what I wanted. SUSHI! My two most favorite rolls in the world are the California Roll and the Vegas Tempura's a pic.......


This is hands down my favorite. I love it SO MUCH! It is amazing. Its practically like eating dessert it tastes so good! And the best part is that the salmon in it is smoked so it is cooked too! So even though I am pregnant I can eat my two favorite rolls. Tender mercies :) Haha jk!

So we went to Tsunami in Sugar house which is some of the best tasting sushi I've ever had. I was still a little nervous to go just because there is still a small chance that the chef could use a knife that already cut raw fish and then use it to prepare mine......but that is so unlikely so ya.....we went. We were seated at the Sushi bar which was a super fun experience! I've never sat there before and I probably didn't look as cool as I felt but oh well! I felt cool! We chatted it up with all the sushi chefs and got our yummy sushi. Next to me there was an older couple who definitely fell into the "advanced level" of sushi eaters. They were eating some frightening yet mesmerizing stuff. Suff that looked like this.....


They started to tease us because we were being such wimps with our sushi so I made the defense comment that I was pregnant so I couldn't eat what they were eating even if I wanted too (though I totally did NOT want too) Then the man said "Oh its fine. Eating sushi in moderation when you are pregnant is totally acceptable." We just kind of sat there and then his cute wife said, "You can trust him. He's a doctor" Turns out this guy sitting next to us is the head NICU Doctor up at Primary's. Amazing! All my worries flew out the window and I started eating the rest of their ugly sushi that they didn't want and then jumped over the bar and ate all the raw fish I could find................ok ok so maybe not...........I didn't eat any "real" sushi but at least I felt safe and now I can eat as many California and Vegas rolls I want!!! (Well in moderation I suppose ;) It was a fun night! So if you are pregnant and craving sushi go at it! And if you have never tried it go for it! And if you already love sushi then call me and lets go! Man I love it. So for now I guess I'll eat my wafer cookie and dream of something even better........ Mmmmm sushi :)