Thursday, December 1, 2011


This last week has been a long one. Sam and I have both been sick and it definitely took its toll on me. It is so hard to be a mom and be sick at the same time. Growing up I seriously can't remember my mom ever being sick.....EVER! Obviously this isn't true, she just was so tough and never stopped taking such great care of us. I really have a lot to learn and a long way to go!

So poor Sam woke us up early one morning and we honestly didn't know what we were hearing. It sounded like a seal/horn/dog barking. We took him in right away and they told us that he had an ear infection and the croup. One would think that he would act fussy or sad, but even at the doctor's office he was all smiles. I don't know where this kid gets his strength, but he is one tough little dude. (Actually I am 99.9 % positive he gets it from his dad) Time and time again he has ceased to amaze me.....even before he was even born! I wish I could be more like him :)

I on the other hand felt pretty sick for a few days and struggled to get anything done and then WHAM! It hit me hard and I was totally flat on my back. I don't know what I would do without Kevin. He is THE BEST at taking care of me. He took off work and stayed home and let me cry, whine, shiver, sweat, shake, cough, gag, sniff, moan.........the works. It was not a pretty sight. It's amazing how someone can love you through all that. Love you Kevbev ;)

Ok, so while I was out of commission I made a mental list of things that every person needs when they are sick (besides Kevin.....sorry but he is mine). Here you go-

1. First and foremost you need You've Got Mail-it is the best sick flick and I'm pretty sure that I watched it five times in the last few days.

2. All season's of The Office- this is for when you need a small break from You've Got Mail.

3. Grape juice- soothes the throat and your soul.

4. Afrin nasal spray- this has changed my life and I owe it all to the Davis fam. Thank you!

5. And last but not least you need a berry smoothie from shivers-so delicious and you can snack on it for days and it will taste as good as the first day you bought it.

Next time you feel poorly try a few, if not all of these methods and I promise it will help your time go by faster. There is one thing that is better then all of these things combined though........a mom or in my case, a Kevbev ;)

Oh and here is a sneak peak at our family pics we got done by my amazing friend Jen! I love them so much! Thank you Jen ;)

So fun :) Oh and for kicks and giggles here are some of the pictures we got when a random horse showed up during our photo shoot.........

No hands!!!

Hehehe :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Everyone goes to the Doctor and let me say that going to the Doctor is an experience in itself, but I feel like everyone has had the same experience that I had today. So a long story short, I had kidney stones while I was pregnant so they told me to come in sometime before my next pregnancy- let me stop you right there and tell you that this is not an announcement by any means- and get an x ray to make sure there are no more stones and that I am in the clear and good to go. So today I went to get that done. They sent me downstairs to get the x ray and then I came back up and waited and waited and waited and yes, waited some more to see what the Doctor had to say.

Now I ended up waiting for an hour and sitting for a whole hour gives you quite a bit of time to look around and notice some things. The first thing I couldn't help but observe was the other people in the waiting room (yes I totally pretended to "read" a magazine while I was secretly spying on everyone around me). It seems to me that every time I am in a waiting room there are always these different types of people:

1) The sweet old couple sitting together- Check! And it actually turned out to be my old crossing guard from Rosecrest! He was so sweet. I think I made his day by thanking him for helping me cross the street :) hehe!
2) The "hot" girl who acts like she is too good to be there- I mean seriously! Obviously you aren't perfect because you need to see a Doctor......
3) The young couple making out- Ok, so they weren't making out but they were a little too snugly for comfort.
4) The creepy man that you keep making eye contact with- uggghhhh!
5) The man wearing a toupee- I couldn't help but wonder if that really was his real hair...??? Never figured it out.
6) The nervous girl popping her fingers and any other bone on her body that could possibly pop.
7) And finally the mom with the crying baby- This one is hard for me to watch. She is trying everything she can to quiet her baby but nothing works and there is nothing anyone can do to help her and take away her stress. Terrible!

So which one of these people do you think I am??? I'm sure that right away you immediately thought that I must be the "hot" girl but I'm sorry to say that you guessed wrong . I know, shocker right? ;) I got a baby sitter so I wasn't the stressed out mom this time. So that leaves....... the girl popping every bone on her body! Ding ding ding!!! I tend to get extremely nervous and start thinking the worst, especially when I have a whole HOUR to be alone with my head!

So they FINALLY called me back and as I'm walking I see half the nurses and Doctors standing around laughing together. There is no way that they could have been totally oblivious that there were a dozen people out there waiting to be seen. After I refused to give a urine sample (I didn't need to "go" and I was a little grumpy from all the waiting) the Doctor comes in and we talk for a whole whopping five minutes and then I'm ushered out and on my way home. Sheesh! This whole process drives me crazy. Is anyone else with me or am I the only one? Shouldn't the ratio of Doctor time vs. waiting time side heavily with the Doctor? Yes, I think it should. Oh well....I do have good news though! No stones to pulverize! Woot woot! What a relief! That news definitely made the whole morning worth it :) As I walked out the door my doctor yelled to me "now go and have a baby!" ...........slowly the grumpiness started trickling

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Well it seems October has come and gone, but what a fun month it was! I feel like we did so much so here is a little recap of what we have been up to ;)

Learning how to drive

Rock climbing


Chillin with friends

Going on lots of walks and Sam trying his first candy cane! Yum!

Watching the U of U game

We went to Gardner Village and found all the pumpkins and witches!

Sam really loves pumpkins!

This is where we had our wedding dinner ♥

Cute Janie and her little puppy Alex :)

Momma, Sam, and the scary witch! (I'm the one on the left)

We took a trip to vernal to see the amazing remodeled Dinosaur Exhibit

(You are looking at 400+ dinosaur remains!)

Sam with his two favorite cousins Aidan and Eli

Katherine's wedding and a long overdue ballet reunion!!!

I love these girls....can't wait for our reunion in New York 2013 baby!

Cute Hanna and her sister Mary :)

Sam looking cool and loooooong!

Me being silly at like two in the morning!

Jennie laughing it up!

Beautiful Katherine and Travis....what a perfect day!

Once a dancer, always a dancer! Miss you girls ;)

And finally.....Halloween!

Our little monkey!

Kevin and I wore these fun hats! We were just a bunch of monkeys ;)

Trick or treating at Grandpa and Grandma's!

So there you have it! What a magical fall :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

How old are you???

As long as I can remember it seems like I've gotten the comment, "How old are you? You look like your sixteen!" It doesn't bother me though, I figure when I'm fifty I will look pretty dang good and everyone else will wish that they looked half their age :) Just so everyone knows, this is what I looked like right before my sixteenth birthday........

Cute huh?!? hehe! Now is it just me or do I look slightly older than this? Please say that I do........I mean seriously people! The past five years of my life have been pretty funny. First it started off as "Whoa your married???" to dirty fleeting glances at the "pregnant teenager" to life right now.......a single teen mom with a baby. I thought that once I had Sam maybe I would look like a mom and people would stop with the crazy stares, but this past week I had two funny experiences that has left me to believe otherwise.

So one of my oldest and dearest friends is getting married this weekend so we are having a little bachelorette party before the wedding. Its tradition for all of us to buy something "naughty" for the bride to be (though everything I buy is modestly sexy....hehe!) so I went shopping for my special gift. These "outfits" can get pretty pricey so me and Sam went and checked out Walmart. First we went and put some 3 lbs weights in our cart (I am doing some serious weight then we searched the underwear department. I started feeling a little weird when all the lady workers asked everyone around us if they needed help, but wouldn't even make eye contact with me. Oh well, what do you do? So we found a cute little number and proceeded to go check out, but of course there is a line as long as you can imagine a line at walmart could be. As we are waiting I start to feel the eyes on me. I look down in my cart and suddenly it all comes together. Here is a "teenage" girl with a baby and she is buying lingerie and weights (because she obviously only cares about looking good and "having a good time") I looked up and yup! That is definitely what everyone around me was thinking! The creepy part was the guy behind me that gave me a sly little smile. I was mortified. I paid and didn't say a word to the cashier and he didn't say a word to me. I am proud to say that I walked out with my head held high! (even though the face on that head was redder then our couch)

So that's the end of the story right? Nope. The next day my ears were driving me crazy because they were completely clogged from my cold so I go to the pharmacy to see if they have anything that could help. I go and ask the pharmacist (I know what you are thinking and no it wasn't the gorgeous foreign man unfortunately) if they have anything and she tells me to take some sudafed. It's over the counter but they keep it back behind for some reason and then asks me for my drivers license. I was kind of confused but I gave it to her and watched as her face looked me up and down in surprise. She gave me the medicine and I walked out feeling even more confused. I got home and told Kevin all about it and he just started laughing. So apparently they keep sudafed behind the counter because kids want to buy it cause it can make them high. Again, I had my "ah ha" moment. So that's why she asked for my license........she wanted to make sure I wasn't some punk teenager getting her fix! And of course I had Sam with me so it probably made me look all the more crazy and awful :( I try to be a good mom I promise!!!

I did find some consolation in the fact that at least one more person in this world now knows that I am 26 and not 16. Sometimes I can't wait until I am 50 ;)

(note-please do not go out and buy sudafed expecting to have a "good time." I've been on it for two days now and have felt no such thing. Sorry to disappoint! Haha!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walk this Way!!!!

Stop the presses!!! I have some BIG news. Guess who is walking??? Come on guess! Ok ok, I'll give you a's not me and it's not Kevin.........its our very own.........................................SAM!!!!! Woopedeedoo! Holy cow we are just a little excited, can't you tell??? Well who wouldn't be when you literally go from this (first video) to this (second video-not even 24 hrs later) It's all happened so fast and I don't know what to do with myself! Alright, enough of me blabbing on. Take a look for yourself ;) It's flip'n adorable!

We were freaking out about how amazing we thought this was and then this happened.......

Yay Sam!!! He even gave a little wave during his walk of fame :) I can't wait for the next few days. This is just way too much fun!!!

(Oh and I should apologize for my random bursting out into song during this video. Basically all I do all day is sing and make up cool harmony's to all of Sam's toys so ya..................I guess its not that weird to me) Ha!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sam's Birthday!

Sam had his first birthday this last week and what a party it was! We had so much fun getting ready and celebrating the big event. Here are a bunch of pictures and some fun videos of Sam's exciting day :)

Birthday boy! So happy its his birthday ;)

Me and Sam

The monkey cake I made for Sam!!!

Ready to partay!!!

Grandpa Steve and Sam

Great Grandma and Grandpa Davis and Grandpa Tom

Cute Jen and Josh and Tom and Eli :)

Classy Nancy!!!

Scott, Sheri, Gilly, Grandpa Davis, and Mike

Cute Angela and Bret!

Birthday cake! (didn't make this one.....haha)

Singing Happy Birthday! (we found out that Sam is just like his daddy....doesn't like attention on him AT ALL! ha ;)

So this was pretty disappointing......again he doesn't like attention ;)

My beautiful cake getting destroyed (once the camera was turned off)

His hands couldn't move, I think they were stuck in the amazingly thick frosting I made......haha jk :)


John, Lisa, and O-Town!

Hehe! Cool Kevbev ;)

I love my little birthday boy ;)

Our present to Sam! A cool lego table!

Sam's fun new toys!

We were so excited to give Sam this cool lego table we found on KSL. So glad he loves it!

All in all it was a very successful day and I can't wait for all the many more birthday's to come!!! Happy birthday Sam ;)