Thursday, March 21, 2013


Over a year ago we began our crazy journey of selling our condo, moving in with my brother, saving for a house, searching for a house, making offers on different houses, to finally going under contract on a wonderful house that we will soon call our home. We have wanted to put down roots and settle down for so long now and I can't believe we are actually here and finally doing just that. 

Looking for a house was not fun. This really surprised me. For so long all I wanted was to be free from our condo and I would see houses for sale everywhere and I would check the MLS and dream.......*sigh*.......but once we were finally in that "dream" Kevin and I realized (very quickly) that we wanted very different things and were not on the same page. We looked at so many houses and it felt like I checked the MLS every hour every single day! We were getting more and more frustrated until one Saturday it got to be too much. We both lost hope and decided that we would never find a house that we both loved. The funny thing was that while we were having this "conversation" we were in the car on our way to an open house..........little did we know we were about to walk into our future home :) 

The second we walked in we both knew it was right. We grabbed our realtor and went straight to his office and made an offer right then and there. There were many offers put on the house that day (it had only been listed the night before) and more offers came in that weekend. I don't know how or why, but our offer was chosen. No counter offers or no "give us your highest bid"....they just accepted ours and before we knew it we were under contract.

Buying our condo was a nightmare and so many things went wrong throughout that process so we were really anxious to be under contract again. Oh on a side note, don't sign up for a GAP or any other store is a credit card and saving that 15% for signing up isn't worth destroying your credit and possibly losing out on buying a home........(don't worry, it all worked out and they fixed everything and my credit is now actually higher then Kevin's.....ya I'm not competitive at all ;) hehe! But ya buying this house has been incredible. There were no problems, no complications, no unknown credit cards, nothing! We even were able to close a week early!

Which brings me to my post title. 3/13/13. The day we closed was March 13, 2013. Is it just me or does that day sound super scary and unlucky?!? I was so creeped out! We signed our life away and had to write that date a million times. Even the title agent made a comment on the date. But luckily nothing went wrong that day and everything went just fine. So instead of an unlucky day it ended up being quite the opposite. I left from closing on our home to going to my doctors appointment where they scheduled my c-section! It is now official. I am having our little baby girl on May 9th :) How get a home and a baby (in a way) on the same day! haha ;) 

So today is Thursday and we are moving in on Saturday. Can't believe it's actually almost here. I'm so excited to get in and settled before this baby girl comes. I'm just about 33 weeks pregnant now so we are cutting it pretty close! The house is perfect (aside from the fact that the outside is purple, the strange turquoise carpet, and the random Aztec looking drapes.......ha!)  but we couldn't be happier with it :) It literally has everything that both Kevin and I wanted. It's nothing short of a Christmas Miracle!!! I'll be sure to take pics of the house when we are settled and post them. I do have one pic that I probably shouldn't share because I took it without permission........

 Sorry! I just couldn't help it! Here is our Dream Team!!!! Our realtor and good friend John and our mortgage man Pierre :) (I snuck this pic right after we closed)  We owe these two EVERYTHING! Thank you both for all your hard work!!! We couldn't have done it without you!