Thursday, June 30, 2011

9 Months Old!!!

Look at this cool kid. Can you believe he is 9 months old?!? So suave and might say he reeks of coolness ;) We had so much fun at his nine month appointment. I love my doctor. He makes me feel like I am the best mom in the whole world! So here is Sam's update.....

~weight- 17 lbs 11 ounces
~height-25th percentile
~head-55th percentile
~low iron :(

Ya so I guess Sam is a little anemic, but I always am so maybe he just gets that from me ;) One thing I have learned so quickly is that there is always something to be worried about! I don't know if I shared before about Sam's weight, but he wasn't gaining any for a few months there and I was SO scared. He now is in the 15th percentile, where as before he dropped from the 50th to the 5th percentile. It was an intense couple of months, but he seems to be chunkier than ever now :) So on to the next crisis!

Some new fun facts about Sam.......he is busier then ever! He has to have some sort of a toy or a mission to accomplish and then he seems to be perfectly happy. I miss our quiet morning routine of him kicking on his play mat while I ate my he is off and crawling everywhere. He loves the bathroom for some gross reason and I always have to keep him away from the plunger :( He also loves the stairs! Eeeeek! He can crawl up them all by himself! (dad if you are reading this don't worry....I don't let him do it all by himself...hehe) He is such a little climber. When I come to get him after his nap he is either sitting and playing with a toy or standing and waiting for me to come. I still just can't comprehend how he knows how to sit or stand by himself. He should still be a little baby and just lay there! He will eat whatever we are eating and with some help from his Grandpa he can drink little sips out of a cup! He has two big teeth (Kevin's teeth) on the bottom and his hair is actually getting pretty long on top! He can clap, wave, and give high fives and our most favorite as of recently.....give kisses. Man he started kissing fast! ( father like son) I'm in trouble! Did Sam get anything from me? Oh wait......the low iron.......haha!

And lastly, he can play the piano with his eyes closed while sitting in a bumbo! (now how many of you can do that? hmmmm???) He is our little prodigy :) hehe!

Nine months down and forever to go! I love this little guy so much. I wrote a song a while back called Only Forever will do and I am starting to realize how true that statement is :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

A bit of Summer.....

So far we have had so much fun this summer. It has felt really busy, but busy is good! Here are some pics of what we've been up to.....

Going shopping

Taking lots of baths

Playing on our swingset

Going to China..... :)

Playing with Mama

Going swimming! (only thing off my list I can cross off...ha!)

Yes I am wearing a speedo ;)

Being silly with daddy....making the same face!

Wearing jeans for the first time!!!

Having fun at Kevin's work party!

Pretending we are in Hawaii :)



What a fun start to our summer and the best part is it's only the beginning! I've got to get going on my list......that push up is going to be a tough one......ha!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's day. I am SO grateful for the father's in my life so here is a little shout out to them. Love you :) Hope you notice Kevin and Sam's matching outfit......hehe! A new Father's day tradition!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


For those of you who didn't know, I spent the last three and a half years working as a dental assistant before I had Sam. Best job I've ever had! I learned a ton and I hope to learn even more in the future.

RCTX stands for Root Canal therapy and today I am sad to announce that I had my first Root Canal :( It wasn't nearly as bad as I had thought it would I guess that's good news! It was done on tooth #10, was 21 mm, and size 60 gp. Haha ok so no one should understand that (I just like sounding smart every once in a while). Basically it was my front tooth and the canal was 21 millimeters long and the gutta percha used to fill it was a size that's a fat tooth!
Just some fun facts I thought were interesting! Basically what happens when you get a Root Canal is a series of tiny files go up and clean out the pulp of the tooth so it is left with no nerves and is essentially dead and the space is disinfected and then filled.
Here's how nerdy I am....I took a picture of the gutta percha before it was cemented in. (Normally a dental dam is used, but my tooth was too small for it to stay on...haha)

Look how happy I look! I just love talking teeth!!! :) Needless to say I am SO EXCITED to not feel pain there anymore. Woot woot! First order of business when the anesthesia wears a bowl of cereal! Haven't been able to eat one in months because the cold milk was too painful.

I was really scared last night about getting it done and here is a conversation Kevin and I had.....pretty sure he was trying to make me feel better....pretty sure it worked.....hehe :)
Kevin-"Hey Boo, do you know what scares me?"
me-"No, what?"
Kevin-"Rabbits.....I mean why do their ears have to be that big? They can't even talk!"
me- lots of giggles
Kevin-"And that fluffy ball of a tail? They can't even wag it!!!"
me- explosion of laughter
Kevin-"Ya......Rabbits are scary!"

I can barely type I am laughing so hard again right now! I should probably mention that this conversation took place while we were brushing our teeth.....for some reason that makes it even funnier to me! Teehehehehehe!!! No one makes me laugh like my Kevbev does ♥
So if anyone reading this has to go do something uncomfortable or scary, I encourage you to think of those that's scary :)

Monday, June 6, 2011


It's finally summer! Woot woot! I am so happy that it is officially summertime. There is such an energy all around once school is out and all the kids are free! I love seeing them out and playing with their friends, eating pop-cycles, running thru the sprinklers, having lemonade stands, riding their bikes, having grass fights, making up dances on the driveway.........ok, so maybe these are things that I like to do! Teehee! Today really does feel like the first true day of summer :)

This is Sam's first summer EVER and I want it to be one he will always remember (well probably not) but at least enjoy ;) So last night I starting thinking about all the fun things I want to do this summer and I ended up with a pretty sweet list. Now keep in mind that last summer I looked like this..........

I was pretty limited on what I could/wanted to do so I am taking full advantage of feeling spry and alive this summer.....ya that's right......spry! So here it is, wish me luck!

Summer to do list~

*Play at a park at least once a week
*Go swimming
*Get our food storage up and going
*Fly a kite
*Go to lagoon and ride Wicked
*Go to the zoo
*Eat cotton candy
*Learn how to make Jam
*Go to a concert in the park
*Eat sushi in Park City
*Finish the Book of Mormon
*Learn how to run......maybe.....still deciding :)
*Have a Harry Potter marathon
*Learn how to make meatloaf...Mmmmm!
*Put together a scrapbook for Sam
*Get more piano gigs (hint me if you want me;)
*Eat a bowl full of peaches
*Be able to do a real push up
*Take ballet class
*Do a good deed every day
*Get a Bob's Brainfreeze with cream and icecream!
*Compose a new song
*Have a reunion with all my old ballet buddies
*Take up a new hobbie.....any ideas?
*Paint our kitchen
*Do a one handed cartwheel

Well there you have it. I really hope I'll be able to cross off all these things and more once the summer is over. And of course I want to do all of them with Sam (except for ride Wicked at Lagoon......sorry Sam.....too scary!) I wouldn't enjoy any of these things if I wasn't sharing them with my boys :) (Hmmm except for maybe that bowl of peaches......hehe!) Can you tell how giddy I am?!? Well, I better get busy! I'll keep you posted and let you know how it goes!!! Stay tuned for Sam's 9 month'll be a good one ;)