Friday, October 3, 2014


Change. Change is scary. I don't like change. No matter how small or how big, I've always had a hard time with change. I don't even like typing the word change.....*shudder*..... I feel like life is all normal, predictable, and safe and then suddenly in just a blink of an eye everything is different! In a span of just one week so much has happened and there has been SO much change! Considering the circumstances, I am surprised at how well I am coping with everything ;) So what's been going on you might ask? Well, let me tell you :)

First off we no longer have a three year old...... Sam is FOUR!!! Woot woot! Sam's birthday was on Monday and he really wanted a "big boy bed" for his bday. We figured that meant a regular twin bed, but after showing him a bunch of pictures and him bursting into tears we realized that his idea of a "big boy bed" was in fact a bunk bed. So since Sam has me wrapped around his finger OF COURSE we bought him a bunk bed! He is in love and it's been really fun to see him so excited to go to bed at night! 

Speaking of Sam's birthday I mentioned on fb that he wanted a Daniel tiger cake and my amazing friend Lauren made one just for him. Here is how it turned out.....
Cute huh?!? He loves it so much!!!! He has been nursing it all week and since I am talking about change right now, here is what it looks like today......(Lauren you may want to close your eyes).....
Hehe! At least he's enjoying every bite :) Here is Jane enjoying her cake.......
Can't believe this boy is four!!! So far he is loving it..... Got to wear this crown all day at school and now instead of three pickles he gets four at lunch..... Every morning when he wakes up he asks me, "Is Sammy still four?" Haha!!!

We decided to have a little change of scenery and so we went up to Kevin's cabin for the weekend and we had a blast! My parents and Kevin's parents came and we had fun eating, laughing, napping, gaming, boating, fishing, chatting, crying, giggling, and snacking. Good times :)

Another big change has been our house. We are finally getting stuff done around here and it's so fun! We've been here almost a year and a half now and we finally hung our first picture! We're so grown up ;) We also put our playroom together so that's been a life saver :)

Another big change happened yesterday. This is something I've been talking about doing for YEARS. It's a really big deal for me........I cut my hair!!! Kevin flew to California for the day for work and so for some reason that morning I thought, "I want to cut my hair today." Usually when I want to cut my hair I talk and think about it for months and months and then I end up taking like two inches off. I'm not sure why, but this time was different. I called my hair lady to see when her soonest appointment would be and she had just had a cancelation and she could see me that day! It was fate!!!! I got a sitter with ease and I was on my way! I told her what I wanted and she seemed so excited about it so that made me feel so great! Then she asked if I wanted to donate to Locks of Love and of course I said yes! I didn't think I had enough hair to donate, but sure enough she put it in a braid and chopped it off! I posted a pic on fb and I seriously LOVE that so many of you thought it was a prank and demanded more proof!!! I was laughing all night :) So for those of you who still aren't convinced--here is your proof :)

And here is one in a pony tale..... I love how short and tiny it is! Eeeeehehe!

I haven't had hair this short since I was Sam's age! Usually I cut my hair and I'm filled with regret, but this time I'm still liking it and haven't burst into tears yet! Kevin is amazed! Lol ;) Oh and to finish my story-- He got home from California around midnight that night and I was too excited to go to sleep so I waited up for him and he was so surprised!!! The first thing he said to me was how proud of me he was because he knew what a big deal this was for sweet! He loves it and thinks this should be the "new boo" for a long time :)

Let's see.....what else has changed???  Hmmmmm........well we are about to paint our kitchen cabinets white so that will be a huge change so I'll keep you posted on that........ Hmmm what else??? OH!!!! Now I remember! Turns out that when Jane gets wet she changes into a mermaid! Think I'm joking and this is another prank?!? Well then here's your proof........

Bath and then..........
Poof! Mermaid!!!! See?!? Crazy change going on around here :)

So there you have it! Lots has happened, but thankfully it's all good things :) I'm excited to spend the day in my Jammie's and listen to Conference....... Happy conference weekend everybody and cheers to CHANGE!!!!!!!!! Oh wow...I didn't shudder typing it that time! I'm evolving and.........CHANGING!!!........ ;)