Friday, November 19, 2010

The spider and the invisible man......

So one of the reasons I wanted to do this blog is so I can share the funny quirky things that happen to us. It seems like we always have some random crazy story to tell so here is the latest and greatest.......enjoy!

One of the hardest parts about being a new mom is getting used to all the late night feedings. After a while, your mind goes to a different place in order to try to survive. What is real and how you react to certain situations all depend on where your mind is at that exact moment. I had two of these "moments" a few nights ago.

It was around three in the morning and I was feeding Sam when I noticed something a little off. We have a big window in that room and the curtains (which are absolutely adorable.....sigh) were pushed out away from the window. Right away all my warm fuzzy feelings disappeared and my brain started to try to figure out what was wrong. "Why do those curtains look like something is hiding behind them?"........"oh my"..........."maybe it's because SOMEONE is hiding behind them!!!" So, of course, I've decided that a murderer is hiding behind my pottery barn curtains just waiting for me to come in during the middle of the night to feed my baby so he can kill us both and we would have no idea what hit us. It was all there plain to see! I must already have the protective motherly instincts because this was not going to be the way we would go down. So I started planning my attack........there wasn't much in the nursery to work with, but I decided to take the attacker by surprise. I would grab and chuck the lamp at him to stun and confuse him first, then I would grab our thermometer to use as my weapon which was conveniently sitting right next to me. I was about to go for it but decided to let Sam finish eating first (perfect example of my sanity at this moment). Ok, so he finished eating and I was gearing up and was finally ready to face my doom when suddenly................................................... the heat turned off and the curtains went back to normal and my attacker vanished into thin air. Just like that! (It's good to know that there is a heating vent under there) Ha! least I had a plan :)

Later that night (or earlier that morning) we had another scare, but this one was real. As I was sitting there feeding Sam my eyes suddenly darted to the floor. A HUGE ginormous spider was making its way towards us and fast. What am I supposed to do?!? Here I am holding my baby and now I have no plan! I simply start making small yelps and screams hoping to scare it away but it only makes it more angry! It starts to race around the floor by our chair so I jump off and leave Sam on there to insure his safety. I have no shoes, no tissues, and no idea what to do because I can't leave and risk the chance of loosing the spider. Meanwhile, in our bed, Kevin is hearing all these squawks and thinks it is just Sam waking up so he goes back to sleep. Alright back to me...........So I am dancing with this spider and grab a pamphlet to use to kill it but every time I lean down to squish him he charges me! Ya......I am full on screaming now. The spider dashes and disappears under the dreaded curtains. I grab Sam and run to wake up Kevin (kind of mad he hasn't come in and rescued us by now) and completely scare him to death because he thought I was still in bed next to him. Luckily he gains his senses fast and grabs a shoe and runs in to save the day!!! The spider had climbed the up the curtains, but this was no match for Kevbev :) In a matter of seconds the demon spider was gone and we were all safe and sound yet again!

Two close calls........I don't know which one was worse?!? Probably the spider attack because that was actually real, but all in all it was a very eventful night at the Davis residence. It makes me laugh that out of a crazed murderer and a tiny insect I am more afraid of a spider! I guess what can be learned from this post is that you should never hide behind my curtains because you will have some serious harm done to you and apparently...........I scream like a little baby :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Samuel Kevin Davis

Well hello! I've decided it's finally time to officially start our family blog. And what better timing then now with our new little member in our family! So here it is.....reader beware.....the story of how Samuel Kevin Davis came to be apart of the Boo and Kev show......

It all began on a dark cold night........just kidding! I wont start back that really all began on Tuesday night while we were at home watching Glee. I had been feeling braxton hicks contractions for weeks now but these contractions were different. I finally noticed a pattern! Not wanting to get too excited, I decided not to tell Kevin (since I was already two days over my due date). We went to bed and put in Iron Man 2. I didn't enjoy the movie at all because I was a little preoccupied watching the clock and counting minutes.....I fell asleep and woke up around three and noticed they were five to seven minutes apart! Time to tell Kevbev! They weren't really painful but they were consistent so we decided to go to the hospital.

Pulling up was totally anticlimactic since we weren't in a rush and I wasn't screaming in agony. Instead we strolled up to the front desk and asked them where we should go if we think we were in labor. They laughed and took us in but warned us that it was a busy night and we would probably get sent home. The first thing they asked me was if my water had broke and I said no, but they still wanted to test to make sure. Seconds later they informed me that it had broken and that it had been broken for more then 24 hours! YES! Our ticket to delivery! So we were taken to another room where I got the epidural and got hooked up to get things going. My doctor came in to check things out and gave us a little lecture on how this process takes a very long time and we probably wouldn't deliver until late that evening when suddenly he told me that I was at an 8.....I went from a 1 to an 8 in an hour! So a half hour later we were ready to push! Here is where the story gets interesting...

I pushed for two hours with no progress. My doctor then asked us how many kids we wanted to have and we were pretty confused and freaked out. He was thinking we would need a C section but I did not want that to happen. Pushed for two more hours and still no progress. Now I was really frustrated and still refused to accept that I would have a C section. My dad had a feeling to just show up at the hospital at the same time my nurse went out to find someone to help Kevin give me a my dad came in and gave me a wonderful blessing, that now looking back on it, would help me accept what was to come. I pushed for a grueling three more hours and finally called it quits when my doctor used the dreaded vacuum and still saw no progress. C section it is! I was so happy that my mom and dad were there right before they took me back because I was so tired after those seven hard hours and so scared. The only thing that gave me comfort was my green flavored ice chips and they took those away from me too!

During the surgery Kevin peeked over the curtain and told me "hey boo....your guts are all over the place".....uh thanks for that Kevbev! They had him look over right when they were pulling his head out and again he knew just what to say and whispered to me "hey boo.....our baby is really ugly".......are you kidding me?!? I was pretty out of it at this point but I do remember Kevin telling me that he had my hair. I saw him for a split second as the nurses walked by me to take him and make sure he was ok. Kevin said he looked so mad when they took him out, but he wasn't crying. Totally fits his personality :) It seemed to take forever for them to finish the surgery and for my body to stop shaking uncontrollably. That was by far the worst part of all this...."the shakes." I couldn't even talk my teeth were clenched and chattering so hard. When they finally took me back to my room I couldn't even hold him for a while because I was shaking so bad, but what made it all worth it was when I reached out my hand to him and he grabbed and held on to my finger :) Best moment ever!

So that's the whole story......aside from the fact that we were separated from Sam for about two hours when we were stuck downstairs because the elevator was broken......but other then that it was smooth sailing :) Our time at the hospital was wonderful and I can look back on this experience as a happy one. We are so lucky to have him and I am so in love! His little Kevin face just about does me in everyday...he is so cute! I am so glad that you are here with me. We will always love you forever Sam :)