Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

One of my favorite holiday's is Memorial day. I've always loved it. My family has a tradition where we go down to Spanish Fork and visit the graves of our ancestors. It is such a special tradition, one that we have done since I was a little girl and I can't wait for my kids to be apart of it too. It was so fun to have Sam there this year. He was all smiles all day!

We all meet at my Grandpa McDonald's grave and get the flowers ready. Then we walk around the cemetery and find our ancestors. We stop at each grave and listen to the tale of their life and what they accomplished and went through. I love listening to all the amazing stories. Here is a picture of my Aunt Rae. She is so good at telling the stories :)

Sam loved walking around and seeing all the fun flowers and colors. It is weird to think that next year he will be running around on his own!

After we get done at the cemetery we usually head to the park and eat lunch. Now if you know my family you know that we have A LOT of traditions. We just love them all so much! So it's not as simple as just going and eating lunch at the park, we have to go and get the same lunch at the same place and eat it at the same park on our blankets in our same spot. Every year for as long as I can remember we have gone to subway to get lunch. One year the subway down there was under construction and my brother Clayton had a complete meltdown! haha!!! (True story!) This year I was very nervous because last week Kevin got the stomach flu for the first time in his life and that same day he had eaten at it was safe to say that we were NOT going to Subway for lunch. I was scared that this would rock my whole family, but we got lucky for two reasons. Reason one....Clayton is out of town and reason was freezing! So we all ended up going to eat inside at The Italian place instead.....PHEW!!! It actually ended up being so much fun, change and all ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sam ♥

I love this picture so much. I love everything about this little guy :) This past week I had the fun opportunity to go back to work while the other assistant was out of town. I LOVE my job. I miss it so much so it was great to feel like I was back to my old self again, but I do love Sam too so it was an equally wonderful/hard week. It was painful saying goodbye to him everyday. My close friend took this picture while she was watching Sam and I am so grateful! It captures all of Sam's "Samisms".... hehe :)

I was having a hard time adjusting once I didn't have to go into work any more and then something happened. Sam got sick. It seriously rocked my whole world. I don't think I have ever been as scared and felt so helpless in my entire life. It really made me appreciate every moment I have with him....especially the happy ones! I have loved being a mom, but this I did not love at all. If I could have taken it from him I would have in a second. Now I realize that being a parent and being worried will never mom and dad stayed with me all night helping me because Kevin was out of town and that just shows how much they still worry and care for me! (And Sam too of course!!!) Man I love my parents :)

But enough of the sad news....there is good news too! Sam can crawl!!!!! I feel like it happened over night. He is growing so fast! So here is a little video for you to enjoy ;)

Kevin gets mad when he watches this video because he thinks it is mean that I keep pulling my phone away from him...haha! Sorry if that bothered anyone else ;) Sam is doing much better now and I think we have officially survived our first case of the stomach flu. My heart goes out to anyone else dealing with this bug. One thing I have definitely learned.......don't let Kevin go out of town......the past two weekends have been awful!!! haha :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday the 13th.......

Usually I don't even notice when the 13th day of the month lands on a Friday, but I definitely noticed it this last week. The day started off normal enough and we were having a great day until Kevin told me that he would have to spend the night at a young men's camp out activity. I HATE being alone at night for even a few hours let alone the entire if you can imagine, I was in a very bad mood.

I decided to try and stop wallowing so me and Sam headed up to Smith's market place to go birthday shopping for my siblings. I was so grumpy that even looking for gifts for five minutes put me completely over the edge.....(so I called my mom and she told me what to buy. Hah!). We started driving home and I noticed that down the street was covered in smoke. As we got closer to our place I knew something was wrong and that whatever it was had to be really close to our home. Oh how right I was.......I couldn't even turn onto our street they had firetrucks and ambulances and police cars blocking everything. So I turned around and went to my parents house to hang out there until they hopefully cleaned whatever was going on up. Around eight thirty Sam was getting pretty fussy (bedtime!) and so we headed home again to find it was still all blocked off! I talked to a cop and luckily found a way to get into our place. Crowds of fellow Georgetownians were standing around watching so I got the scoop. Apparently someone had been in a bad car accident and crashed into a telephone pole and everything came crashing down.....poles.... name it. So you know what that means? power.

I had to change Sam's diaper, feed him, and put him to sleep all in the dark. It was very challenging! Sam loves flashlights so all of ours are burnt out except for one...luckily! My sweet parents walked over (so they could get thru) and brought me two big candles. My heroes! They left and I sat on the couch alone in the dark hoping the power would come on soon. I was so bummed because I rented that Justin Bieber movie to watch while Kevin was gone so he wouldn't have to suffer thru it and now I couldn't watch it or do anything else for that matter! So I grabbed a book and thought to myself, "Well, at lease it can't get worse then this..."

Suddenly there was a huge LOUD crash and it sounded like it was right on top of us. I ran outside and our neighbors had forgotten to take their bikes off their bike rack and pulled into the carport and it all came crashing down! Hah!!! Amazingly enough Sam stayed asleep! So after all that excitement died down I went back on the couch and sat for the next three hours until....... guess what?!? Kevin came home! They had heard what had happened so he and another guy got to come home to save the day! Yay! This story has a happy ending after all :) Hehe! The power didn't come on till early that morning but thankfully we survived the night.

We celebrated the next morning by going to our favorite breakfast joint, Millcreek Cafe', and then took Sam to Kevin's band practice.

I don't know about you, but I think Sam might be a natural ;)

Monday, May 9, 2011

My First Mother's Day

This year was my first Mother's Day as a mom and it was truly the most perfect day! I woke up to this sweet sight.........

It doesn't get much cuter than that! Sam and Kevin were so excited to show me all the fun things that they got for me..........

All of my favorite things! Mmmmm!!! Then Kevin made me french toast (his is the best in the world) and me and Sam played all morning long. His favorite thing in the whole world is all his fun books!

Church was wonderful and Sam was such a good boy. I can't wait till he will go up and sing with the primary! I can't believe he will actually be that big one day. We came home and headed over to the Davis family for dinner and to talk to Kevin's bro Johnny who is on his mission. The best part of the whole night was the steak Tom made....amazing! (if you know me you know I love a good piece of meat :) I love my in-laws, they really are so fun! We had lots of good laughs ;) We ended the night at my mom's to wish her a happy Mother's Day. I love watching my dad play with Sam and how sweet my parents are about how clever and strong Sam is. Makes me so happy and so proud :)

I am so lucky to be a mom....and not just a mom.....Sam's mom ♥ It really is the best and most wonderful thing in the world. I love my two boys and the sweet life we have here. I'm so grateful for my mom and the perfect example she is on how to love. There is no greater gift than that. Love. To me, this is what love looks like :)

I just love my little family so much!!! (can't you tell....haha!)