Monday, March 9, 2015

New Discoveries!

Happy New Years! Ummmm ya.....ok so yes I am aware that it is March, but one of my New Years resolutions was to procrastinate and be super late and slow at blogging so I'm just fulfilling one of my goals ;) Speaking of resolutions let me catch you up in what has been going on around here......

For some brilliant reason (and when I say brilliant I really mean stupid) Kevin and I bought a treadmill so I decided that I wanted to run a 5k sometime this year. I'm sure those of you that know me either just burst out laughing or choked on the food that was in your mouth. I know. I know! I am the queen of mocking runners.....once I was driving and eating a donut and I stopped at a red light and a runner stopped alongside my car. I looked over at the runner and the runner looked over at me stuffing my face with a donut and all I could do was smile and cheers my donut to the runner and drive off. I'll never forget the look on that runners face! Bah!!!...... But the truth is, after all these years of acting "too cool", I have been totally jealous! I am NOT a runner and probably will never be a runner, but I don't like feeling like I can't do something. So I'm going to try and I'm probably going to hate every second of it. One thing I have already learned is that running is really really hard! The longest I have been able to run is only 2.3 miles and I killed over right after. I'm going to run a 5k with my father in law in June so wish me luck. He is going to smoke me, but my goal is just to finish and hopefully run the whole time. Bleh. Even writing about running makes me feel gross. Ok new subject shall we?!?

I've been struggling with finding a new hobby (hence the running) and I've been trying all sorts of random things to see if they could bring me happiness (I even went to an ASL class) but nothing was really feeling right. It's funny how you think you need to discover something brand new instead of looking back to what used to make you so happy. I completely forgot how much I used to love composing and arranging music. These past couple of months I have rediscovered that love and I cannot express how full my heart feels! I honestly owe it all to my ward..... I've been pushed and stretched and  it's meant the world to me. For some reason Sam and Jane have made a secret pact to never let me play the piano so I borrowed a keyboard and every night after they are asleep I go downstairs and work. So much is flowing out of me and I couldn't be happier! I recently had the incredible opportunity to arrange a song for our Stake Women's Conference and the experience was amazing!!! I met so many wonderful women and it really was something I'll never forget :) Now I'm working on a new project and I can't WAIT until it's finished! Stay tuned for more details! 

There have been alot of other fun things that have been going on, but instead of me telling you about them I'll show you :) 

After searching and searching for the perfect shade of grey (insert 50 shades of grey joke here) we finally found one and we painted our kitchen and I bought a clock!!!! 

We love the Fellows family.....they invited us over for a Frozen party!!! It included an Olaf inspired dessert and a complete reinactment of the movie by there three ridiculously talented kids :)

I found out that our Stake was holding a Ball so naturally I snuck into my room one night and tried on my Senior Prom dress.......amazingly it fit! Now I could go to the Ball after all!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin had a birthday! 33 and still sexy......(that's my motto for him) ;)

Sam nailed blowing out his candle!

Cute Lauren and I got together and got ready for the Ball at her house. It was so much fun! We totally rocked out to Taylor Swift and got our girly on!!!! 

Kevin and Rob waited for us to make our grand entrance down the staircase..... They couldn't believe how beautiful we looked......or at least that's what I like to think ;) 

Awkward pic before the

Dinner with friends!

Rob is REALLY enjoying that bread........

Love these women!

Cafe Madrid was delicious!!!!!

I wish I would have taken pics at the dance :( Luckily we got our picture professionally taken so this bad boy will definitely be hanging on our wall someday...... Or not ;) 

Ok so this is HUGE. Like hold the phone huge!!!!! Ever since I have known Kevin he has never not once given me flowers. Seriously. Then out of the blue this Valentines Day he gave me these!!!! I was speechless! I may or may not have started to cry ;) 

I think Jane loved them even more then I did! 

Speaking of love.... I really love this girl!

We potty trained Jane at 22 months old...... JK!!!!!! She wants to but I'm still recovering from potty training Sam......

This is Jane's happy place-- iPad, chocolate milk, and some sort of funky accessory on her body :)

Another huge event..... Sam has become a cuddler.......

He is by far the best cuddler in the family. Hands down.

Oh and I now have a teenager instead of a baby.... All she wants to do is listen to music. All. Day. Long. 

Loving this new year and hope you are too!!!!