Sunday, June 8, 2014


Looking back at my last post I seem really whiney and pessimistic.... May did have some downs and was definitely cursed at times, BUT there were so many awesome moments that I don't want to forget about so here are some of those happy memories that I thankfully caught with my camera :) Enjoy!

I love that I took a pic of this...... I found her playing with my necklace, some hair gel, and a tampon....what a girly girl!

She may be girly, but she is still a Davis ;)

May 9th was Jane's birthday! What a fast year it has been :)

Jane taking an awkward selfie on her birthday ;)

Happy birthday Janie boo!!! I remember Sam's first birthday and how he cried and hated all the attention on him. Jane was completely the opposite. She LOVED all attention and knew it was her special day. She could not stop smiling :)

We had our first date since having Jane and it was delicious!

Here are the cookies I made for our first aid certification night for's getting closer!

Morgie and I went to see Ballet West's innovations.....such a fun night! We were so giggly seeing all the dancers that were on breaking pointe. After the show I got a little too excited and jumped in front Rex and Allison's car and started blowing them kisses and dancing around....pretty sure I'm seriously was the best night ever. Love my Morgie time!

Sam did not get potty trained his month :( He still makes me change him on the changing table....LOL!!!

We planted our first garden!

Sam went to his first big kid birthday party and had a blast! At one point he told me to leave him alone.... I guess I was embarrassing him in front of the other kids :( Ha!

I got me some new shades and I LOVE them!

I think Jane might be a doctor one day :)

Jane made lots of messes.......

And Sam cleaned them all up......

Sam and Jane love to sneak into the freezer and eat all the ice :)

Sam got a new haircut, new shoes, and a new hat!

Took this pic late one night when I went in to check on Jane....what a sweet girl :)

 I felt like I was having a good hair day one night so we took a pic to document the monumental occasion.....

Then I started posing.......

And then it got awkward......can't you see the anguish in my eyes?!? Haha!

Excited for summer!

Lots of playing outside! 

I love that her favorite thing to eat is cereal....just like me! Yay!!!

Sam before he got his haircut.....clearly you can see he really needed it ;)

Mmmmmm mmmmm :)

My little strawberry :)

She already has her daddy wrapped around her fingers...he bought her a new car :)

Happy May and here's to a happy June!!!