Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Well, I am here to announce that we have another little addition to our family..............Herman. Now I know what you are probably thinking- "Who's Herman?", "Are you pregnant?", "Did you get a pet?", "I thought Kevin was allergic to animals?", "Was that all a lie???", "What's going on?", "Who's Herman?!?"

It's funny how when bad/funny/awkward things happen right away I think "Oooh that will make a great blog post!"
I guess that this is one of those moments ;) So with that much said.......I have an umbilical hernia. Random (I KNOW!) but it's true and I am getting surgery this weekend to fix it. For all you that don't know what a hernia is let me take a moment to enlighten you (because I had no idea what it was and thought it was something only a man deals with.......lol). Wikipedia describes it as this: A hernia is the protrusion[1] of an organ or the fascia of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. Another definition: a weakness in the abdominal wall evolves into a localized hole, or "defect", through which adipose tissue, or abdominal organs covered with peritoneum, may protrude. My definition: Basically an alien is inside me and he is trying to come out and it hurts and it's disgusting and his name is Herman.

So that is who Herman is. He is my hernia. Herman the hernia. Sometimes we call him Hermie when he is being good :) I don't think I'll miss him once he is gone even though he's supposedly been around my whole life (the doctor thinks I've always had one, but my pregnancy stretched me out and made that weak spot much larger). So ya....pretty gross if you ask me! Everyone send good thoughts my way please!!! It's outpatient surgery so it really isn't a big deal, but as time gets closer I'm getting a little more nervous. After surgery on my kidney stones and a C-section this should be nothing right?!? Right???

The funny part of the story is that I've got my sister-in-law's dog to thank for discovering what was wrong. Before Christmas I was beginning to realize that this problem probably wasn't a post baby thing like I had originally thought it was and so I was telling my family about it. My sister-in-law breeds puppies and I guess that one of them had the same thing so all of my symptoms sounded familiar to her so she told me what she thought it was. Turns out she was "spot" on......no pun intended.....bahahahaha!!! So thank you Kris and thank you puppy! Wish me luck and bid Herman adieu ;)

Ooh maybe on the bright side I'll have to go to the Pharmacy to fill a prescription....... ;)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blast from the Past

It's Saturday afternoon, Sam is asleep and Kevin is busy doing homework so I have been puttering around for the last hour or so. I should be cleaning, but come on! It's Saturday! I just finished preparing the music for primary and deep down in my music/crap/stuff I don't know where to put/miscellaneous box I found an old notebook with the date July 2nd 1999 on it. Guess what's inside??? Guess?!? Poems! All my poems I wrote when I was 13 yrs old or so. Jackpot! I have been having a ball going through and reading them. Man was I a HOPELESS ROMANTIC OR WHAT!!! Haha ;) Ya so I used to write all the time. Honestly I kind of forgot about it. I loved to sit on my bed and look out my window and write about my life......how badly I wanted my dreams to come true.....how agonizing it was to know that my soul mate was out there somewhere, but I didn't know where......(I was pretty dramatic back then.......probably still am) and sometimes when I was in a lighter mood I would write something funny :)

So on that note, here is a little piece of work I did way back when. If you were in my 9th grade Spanish class you may remember this one.........

The English Lady and the Hispanic Boy

There once was a girl who lived in England
and she ate her crumpets and tea.
A Hispanic boy came to visit
and she said to him properly.....

Get out ugly thing
and leave me be,
for you smell like a buffalo
and your painful to see.

He looked at her doubtfully
and he felt quite denied,
"Donde esta el bano!"
the Hispanic boy cried!

The English lady panicked
she suddenly feared for her life,
so she ran to her kitchen
and she pulled out a knife!

She forced him on her patio
and wouldn't let him through the door,
until suddenly she pushed him
and the Hispanic boy was no more!

Hopefully you found that funny because I sure do! Hehe!!! I promise I'm not some sick psychopath. I think we had to write poems in our Spanish class (using Spanish in at least one sentence) and this one was mine. Hopefully it got a decent grade and at the least a good laugh ;)

This last one was one of the first ones I wrote and I think it is really sweet and true. Hope you enjoyed my little visit back to memory lane. Maybe I'll share some more in the future :)

I Hold in my Hand........

I have so much to say
and the rest of my life to live,
I hope what I write
will be enough to give.

In our hands we can hold
so many different things,
but only one is most important
love and happiness it brings.

The one most special
thing you can hold,
is someone's hand
small, young, or old.

It can't be money
or something you can buy,
if you don't believe me
just give it a try.

Magic will surround you
and you'll be lost for words,
crazy things might happen
you might even hear birds!

This may sound funny
but I know in my heart it's true.
You never can really know
what another hand can do.

It can strengthen your courage
and lift you up on hard days,
it can replace those dark clouds
with brilliant bright rays.

Hold another hand
just to show that you care.
It will make your days easier
just knowing someone is there.

So I hope you now know
and I hope you understand,
the most precious of all gifts
you can hold in your hand.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


So I've really been struggling with making some resolutions for this coming year so I thought if I wrote some down for you all to see then maybe I would actually take them seriously! I'm basically just talking to myself out loud here so don't feel like you need to continue reading.......this really is just to get my lazy self in gear. Ok so here I go. This years theme-

~Two Thousand One Two~

It's all about boo.........(Hmm, maybe I should try to think of something a little less self-centered.......? Ooh maybe that should be a goal!!!)

-Always have a project I am working on with my music......always always ALWAYS!
-Complete the Book of Mormon challenge our Bishop has asked us to do.
-Work out 2 days a week (I'm going super easy on this one because I really want to actually accomplish it)
-Learn to make my own earrings. I love them so why not make them???
-Learn how to play the guitar. I've always wanted to be able to. Anyone want to teach me for free? ;)
-Try one new recipe a week for dinner (Oh and on that note I probably should make it a goal to actually make dinner......)
-Sell our Town-home and buy our dream home :)
-Take one ballet class a month to stay in touch with my long lost love.
-Give someone a compliment every single day.
-Pray and brush my teeth EVERY morning.........I'm embarrassed to say that for some reason it's hard for me to remember to do this consistently without fail. Please don't judge me too harshly, I do it most of the time!!!

Well there you have it. I figure that ten goals is plenty enough to keep me busy. If you run into me you should ask me how I'm doing on certain goals just to keep me on my toes ;) Wish me luck! I better go whip out some of those P90X DVDs or brush my teeth..............

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Here is a little recap of what our holidays were like this year :)

Here is Kevin putting the lights on our Christmas Tree!

Sam had the biggest fixation with the shiny balls on all the trees......next year we will definitely invest in the non-breakable ones.... :)

Sam found a car that he likes........sorry, maybe when you're older buddy ;)

I got straight down bangs.......kinda fun! (even though I pull them back 99% of the time.....Haha)

This is what I get for leaving Sam downstairs while I went and got dressed (note:this picture doesn't even show where it all started.....in the bathroom....dun dun dun)

A little surprise I found in the fridge one morning. Can you find what doesn't belong?

Christmas morning! Sam opening his presents. He loved unwrapping them :)

A cool rocking horse from Uncle Dean!!! (it scared us to death when we realized it talks and sings....haha!)

Probably Sams favorite gift he got.......a panda! For some reason he completely adores pandas!

We all surprised Kevin's parents with an appointment to get family pictures done the day after Christmas. I think they turned out pretty good ;)

Grandpa and Grandma with all the grand kids!!!

Such a cool family! Look at all us hot girls sporting our sexy red heels ;)

On the 28th we had our five year anniversary! We decided to live it up so we left Sam with the Grandparents and went to see Sherlock Holmes. We walked around Temple Square and then ate an amazing dinner at The Roof. The lights downtown were beautiful and it felt just like the night we were married (except thirty degrees warmer). We spent the night downtown and had an awesome time. It was my first night away from Sam and I missed him SO much. I think I called/text my mom half the night ;) All in all it was the perfect anniversary.

I'm excited for this new year and to see what it will bring. I'm a little slow on making resolutions, but I have a few in mind. Hopefully I will buckle down and get myself into gear ;) One thing I know for sure is I want to become a better wife and mother. It's the two things I am the most grateful for so why not work a little harder and show that love even more? So I will start right now.....I love you Kevbev! Love you too Sam!!! Happy New Years everyone:)