Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Fitting Room Nazi and the Beast.......


Do you ever feel you've become the worst version of yourself? That a Pandora's box of all the secret, hateful parts - your arrogance, your spite, your condescension - has sprung open? Someone upsets you and instead of smiling and moving on, you zing them. "Hello, it's Mr Nasty."- Joe Fox, You've Got Mail.

Today I've been in a really bad mood. The "I want to punch a hole in the wall" kind of mood. It kind of scares me, but I think I have a REALLY mean side..........(hopefully you aren't reading this thinking "Oh wow you didn't know you were a mean person already??") I don't want to be upset or feel like this, but every once in a while it creeps out and let me tell is scary. 

So what helps a person when they feel down in the total depths of despair? Chocolate and shopping right?!? So I got Sam and went to Target because my wonderful Mom gave me a gift card there so I thought I would put it to good use. MISTAKE. Take my warning.......if you are in a "I want to punch a hole in the wall" kind of mood then STAY AT HOME! Don't leave the house! You are a ticking time bomb and who knows when, who, or what will set you off.

I unfortunately had the misfortune of running into the "Fitting room Nazi." I had two shirts, two belts (I want to look like one of those cute stylish prego people) and a pair of leggins I wanted to try on. Sam was sitting in the big red cart and my bag and coat were in there so I figured I could just push it all in a big fitting room while I tried on my stuff real quick. I go up to the "sweet looking old lady" at the fitting room entrance (AKA Fitting Room Nazi) and tell her I have two shirts and some pants I want to try on. 
"Those aren't pants they are leggins and you can't try them on." 
"Uh but how will I know if they fit?"
"You can't try on those leggins."
Ok. At this point I'm already about to lose it, but instead I just slowly say, "Ok......then I guess I just have two shirts to try on." 
She gives me a number thing with a two on it and I start to push my cart back to a room.
 "You can't bring the cart back there." 
Now I'm really starting to lose my patience and I snarkily say, " I have to take out all my stuff and my son so I can go try on two shirts? I can't just go into a big fitting room?" 
"You can't bring a cart back there." 
I grab my bag, my coat, Sam (who was perfectly happy sitting in there which never happens), my two shirts, and my two belts and try to go back there without dropping everything and completely losing it. I'd definitely say that I'm visibly upset at this point and I was not trying to hide it at all. Then I hear..........
"You can't bring those belts into the fitting room."
 ...................and suddenly the bomb explodes................ 
"I can't try on these belts???" 
"You can't bring belts into the fitting room." 
"You are seriously telling me that I can't try on a belt here in the "fitting room" where you try on clothes?!? Are you seriously kidding me right now???" 
"No. You can't bring belts into the fitting room." 
"No. You can't bring belts into the fitting room."
I then slam the belts and my number two thingy onto her desk and stomp back to the dressing room and shut the door with surprisingly unbelievable force. 

I admit it was not my finest moment. I should have stayed away from people today. Luckily the two shirts fit and look really cute so that kind of helped. Not sure if the belts would have been cute..........guess we will never know. Now I'm at home eating a bag of Lindor chocolates so hopefully the day will only get better from here. Maybe I'll just blame my awful behavior and feelings on being crazy hormonal and pregnant (even though I sadly think I would have acted the same way even if I wasn't pregnant). So until I feel better I think it is wise to stay far away ;) Poor poor Kevin.........he has no idea what he is coming home to......

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Memory Stirs........

I woke up this morning and was kind of troubled. I didn't sleep at all last night and knew my subconscious was worried or stressed about something. I hate it when that happens. Especially when you don't even know what it is! Kevin saw my face when he got up and said, "Oh uh.......are you mad at me?" Haha! I totally wasn't, I just felt uneasy and tired and he totally read that all over my face. I reassured him that he didn't do anything wrong and that I wasn't mad :) As the morning went on I was playing with Sam and then wham! It suddenly hit me. I knew exactly what was making me so jumpy......

When I was pregnant with Sam I had the horrible experience of going thru kidney stones. My story is not your average kidney stone story and I'll just leave it at that. What struck me this morning though, is that it was a Thursday (because Matheson Dental doesn't work on Thursday's) so I was at home and I was 23 weeks pregnant when the pain suddenly came. Well my friends, today is THURSDAY and I am 23 WEEKS PREGNANT...............DUN DUN DUN!!!! How flip'n scary is that?!?!? I mean seriously?!?!?!?

I know that nothing will happen today (though I do worry every day about reliving that nightmare with this pregnancy) but it still is a spooky and eerie day for me. It was funny because Kevin even called and wanted to come home for lunch, which he NEVER does, and that's what he did that same day too! So I told him no way! Don't you dare come home! Stay at work!!! Hmmmmm...........ya maybe it does look like I am mad at him. Lol.

So there you go. If you see me and I seem a little on edge you will know why :) I haven't really blogged about my pregnancy yet so if you are curious I am 23 weeks along like I said and we are having a little girl in May! I'd post a "prego belly pic" of me, but I think that is weird and gross so you will just have to use your imagination ;) So far everything has been healthy and normal (besides the fact that I have 2 placentas......what the???) and she is definitely a little dancer :) During my big ultrasound they could barely see what they needed to see because she was all over the place! hehe! We are struggling in the name department (because we were so sure it was a boy) so any suggestions would be useful ;) Just because it is fun and on my mind right now, here are our favorite names........tell me which one you like best!

Dorothy Morgan Davis (nickname Dottie)
Gemma Faye Davis (Gem)
Margaret Jane Davis (Maggie, Mags, or Meg)
Dawn Rebecca Davis

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Years!

Wow.....what a crazy month December was! I'm kicking myself for not blogging since November, but its ok I'll just make up for lost time now:)

It was an absolute perfect Holiday for us here at the Davis residence (AKA Claymanda's house) We had so many fun moments.......going to see Alfie Boe perform, Christmas Shoe shopping, finding out we are having a GIRL and seeing her dance all over the place, our annual Christmas Eve party/program, Christmas morning with Sam (who actually understood what was going on and was so excited to open presents!), seeing Les Mis and completely losing all emotional control, our sibling Christmas party with an intense book/sock exchange, a beautiful funeral for Kevin's Grandma that was so wonderful, magical times playing in the snow, a fun Anniversary dinner at Market Street Grill, and a super fun New Years Eve party with great friends and lots of great laughs :) PHEW! That's a lot of good things!!! 

It really was such a perfect Christmas and I'm sad it is gone, but today I feel a renewed sense of energy and hope so I think my B.S.P.C.D.B.D. (Boo's severe post Christmas day blues disorder) has finally cleared up :) ......(if you think I made that up then ask Kevin about it..he told me I had it and he is a psychology major after all.....) 

It's strange that a whole year has gone by. I remember blogging last year about my resolutions and hopes for the coming year and now life seems to be in such a different place. I feel like I'm in a different place and am different person now. Can you really change that much in just a year? Kevin and I were talking about our best/worst of 2012 and we decided that selling our condo was definitely our worst (took up 9 months of our year) and finding out we were expecting a girl was our best (though Alfie Boe was a close second;) 

Just to keep up with tradition, here are my Resolutions for 2013
~Two thousand and thirteen....a new peanut for the bean~

-Get organized and be more responsible!!! (no more late bills, warrants, or expired cars/licenses) 

-Read my scriptures every single day

-Go to the Temple once a month with Kevin

-Be more tidy (I'm sure not only Kevin will appreciate this one, but Claymanda and Sam will too!)

-Enjoy being pregnant - I feel like I've been so down and negative because this pregnancy has been a lot harder, but I should enjoy every minute of it even if I'm puking, crying, dying of heartburn, choking down antibiotics, or have insomnia :) It's worth it! I'm going to have my own little girl! My very own little boo!!!

-Be a better mom and a better wife

-And lastly find a place to call home and settle down and live happily ever after..........(cheesy much? I know, but seriously we are officially looking for a house so let us know if you know of anything!) 

And now I'll leave you with the few pictures I took this Holiday Season. I hope you have Happy New Year and that your S.P.C.D.B.D. leaves you as soon as possible!!!

                                                      Just finished decorating our tree!

                                                   So excited for Christmas!!!! Aaaaah!

                                                  Me and Sam by our cute "baby" tree :)

Christmas Eve night just after Santa came ;)

                                              Christmas morning! Opening the first gift!

                                                       So many fun presents for Sam!

                                                             Whoa!!! Mega Garage!

                                                                Kevbev's sweet knife!!!

                                                              Sam loves his new books!

                                                   Sam playing with his fun new toy!

                                                                  All my fun presents :)

                                                    What a happy mommy and Sammy!

                                               So tired after such a fun Christmas Day ;)

Claydawg cooking up a mean post Christmas Turkey! Mmmmm! (he's got some mad skills in kitchen)

                              My beautiful prime rib I got on our Anniversary........heaven :)

Oh and here's this for kicks and giggles...........last years Resolutions and how I did...........

-Always have a project I am working on with my music......always always ALWAYS! *Fail
-Complete the Book of Mormon challenge our Bishop has asked us to do. *Fail
-Work out 2 days a week *Fail
-Learn to make my own earrings. I love them so why not make them??? *Fail
-Learn how to play the guitar. I've always wanted to be able to.... *Fail
-Try one new recipe a week for dinner (Oh and on that note I probably should make it a goal to actually make dinner......) *Fail
-Sell our Town-home and buy our dream home *Succeed! (well half of it anyway.....)
-Take one ballet class a month to stay in touch with my long lost love. *Fail
-Give someone a compliment every single day. *??? Not sure on this one.....I do still try!!!!

-Pray and brush my teeth EVERY morning.........I'm embarrassed to say that for some reason it's hard for me to remember to do this consistently without fail. Please don't judge me too harshly, I do it most of the time!!!
  *Fail!!!!!! I'll let you decide if you think I failed at praying or at brushing...............or maybe at both....... ;)