Friday, August 22, 2014

The awesome, the awkward, and the awful......

We'll today is a big day....huge's my mom's birthday!!!!!! Woot woot! Happy birthday mama! Her motto for this year is 61 and having fun! Those of you who know my mom know how cheerful, fun, and happy she always is.........and wonderful, wise, silly, loving, warm, hilarious, adventurous, spiritual, intellectual, and incredible..... I could go on and on and on and on and on and on ;) There is nothing she loves more then her children (specifically one of her daughters) so I thought a blog post (specifically a blog post from me) was definitely in order for today :) HA!!!

There have been a few things that have happened that I thought I should mention so here you go..... Let's start with the awesome, then the awkward, and then the awful shall we???

The Awesome-- My best friend, Sam, that I grew up dancing with came and visited Salt Lake a few weeks ago and it was so incredible spending time with her. We haven't seen each other in over three years, but the second I saw her it was like we were twelve again and boy did we giggle like a bunch of twelve year olds ;) 

It really was so fun catching up and hearing all about her life dancing as a professional dancer in Portland. The funniest thing we realized is that her boyfriend (who she met in Portland) used to work at Backbeats--a drum shop here in salt lake--and he sold kevin all of his drum kits and tons of his gear. What a small world!!! I told her that drummers are definitely keepers ;) hehe!

The Awkward-- I went to my 10 year high school reunion and man it was......something.....I'm not even sure what it was exactly, but I felt pretty awkward. Maybe it was because all my close friends weren't there or because I had poor Kevin with me who hates big groups of people AND being social OR that everyone was asking what you've been up to when secretly they all knew everyone's lives because of fb OR maybe it was the fact that I was in a room full of people who I used to spend every single day with and had crushes on or even dated.......ya......probably a little bit of everything ;) I don't know, I hear that the 20 year reunion isn't as clicky and is more fun, but it will probably take a lot to get me to go--and even more to get Kevin to go! ;) ha!!!

The Awful-- Kevin had a really exciting opportunity to go New York City (his first time ever!) this week and I was even ok to be left at home with the kiddos because I was just so excited for him to see such a magical place :) Unfortunately it wasn't very magical for him or for me....... As I mentioned before he doesn't like big crowds and he does NOT like anything dirty. Not sure why I thought he would think it was He was supposed to come home around midnight Monday night, but one of his flights got cancelled so he had to spend the night in Chicago and take a flight the next day. It wouldn't have been a big deal but something horrifyingly traumatic happened earlier that day so I was pretty upset. I hope I have enough courage to share it with you now......ok here it goes..... I. Saw. A. Mouse. In. Our. HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! It was running all around in our big kitchen room by the fireplace and I completely lost all control. Like seriously. I was standing on the counter screaming while Jane was just sitting there looking pretty confused. Thank heavens Sam was in his room or he would've been terrified! Some awesome friends came and set out some sticky traps and so I pretty much avoided being inside until we went to bed that night. I didn't sleep a wink the entire night for fear I would hear it suddenly scream. Eeeeew yuck I have the chills just talking about it! Kevin made it home eventually and there was no sign of the mouse so I thought all was fine and dandy until last night........ I was sitting and chatting with some friends when suddenly I saw the little demon run across the floor and went right under our stove. Kevin checked all our traps and the little monster had eaten all the peanut butter off of them and then eventually ripped himself free because there were pieces of fur still stuck on there. I am sick. This guy is good. Too good. He knows what he's doing and we don't stand a chance! We already caught two mice in our garage a month ago so I'm scared that there are hundreds of them living in our house mocking us!!! I have never been so jumpy in my life. While we were outside a leaf fell off our tree and I about ripped that thing to shreds. I don't know how much longer I can live like this!!! 

Well for the meantime lets try to get my mind off of are some random fun pics for you to enjoy :) 

The Jon Burgoyne band back together again!

Kevin feeling bored......

A delicious and successful attempt at cooking with our fresh zucchini!

I bought cute pillows for our bench! Sadly I didn't know that there are "outdoor pillows" and apparently these are just the "regular" kind.....Oh well! Still cute ;)

Sam visiting temple square :)

Being naughty with daddy and getting bubbles and a huge "doughnut"..... Hehe!

Kevin at the apple store in New York City!

While Kevin was gone Jane took over as keeper of the knives..... :)

While Kevin was gone I grew a mustache.... I think it looks pretty good....obviously ;)

Times Square!!!!!! Yes that is iron man, Mario, and woody in the background! Lol!

Me being nostalgic ;) Can you find little Kevbev in there?!? Hehe!

All the grand kids together at Papa Steve's summer camp this summer!!!!! So fun :)

Happy Birthday Mom! Hope this brought some amusement to your life on this very special day! Love you!!! :)