Monday, July 8, 2013

Jane's Blessing

We blessed Jane this Sunday and it was such a wonderful day! (Well and the night before was pretty wonderful too.....she slept from 10:00-5:30! Incredible!) She was so smiley that morning as I was getting her ready.....I think she knew it was her big day ;) Kevin did a beautiful job and there was such a lovely spirit during the meeting. It really was so perfect! We had our family come over afterwards and it was fun having them all here (though we really missed Marsh and Kris, Preston and Rachel, Morgan and Aaron and their you guys!) Here are some fun pics I took thru out the day :)

                                           Look how excited she was to get blessed!!!

                                                        All pretty and ready to go!

                                                 "Are you sure I look ok mommy???"

                                                             Baby Jane with Papa D

                                                                           So cute!

                                                   Baby Jane with Grandma Nancy!!!

                    Baby Jonathon (who isn't a baby anymore!) showing off his crawling skills!

                                            The love birds out in public for the first time! ;)

                                            Grandma Wendy and Great Grandma Davis :)

                                          Family picture! Sam is doing his "happy face"........

                                                       Mommy and Baby Jane!                       

                                             I LOVE her dress. It was soooo poofy fun!!!

                 Check out her shoes! Beautiful! (Don't you like my cool artsy shot??? lol)

                                      She was absolutely this girl so much!

I am so grateful to have this little family of mine and to have such a wonderful hubbie who makes our life so wonderful. I couldn't be any happier or more lucky :)

Here's a pic of Kevin's face when I told him that some little baby boys were coming to the blessing to check out Jane.................. 

I think he's going to have a hard time when she gets older ;)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Emotional vs. Physical

The last time I posted I was having a really hard time emotionally and for the past 6 weeks I've been having a really hard time physically. I know a lot of you have been wanting updates so let me explain what's been going on.........

Two weeks after I had Jane I started feeling weird. I was super emotional so I thought I just needed to get myself together and get moving, but it only kept getting worse. I had horrible aches and pains and my entire body felt stiff. Just moving my fingers hurt so badly (can you imagine how awful nursing was?!? OUCH!) Even though I was on so much medication I still had a fever. It was so frustrating because every time I called my doctor the nurse told me I probably just a had a bug or something and pretty much dismissed me. This went on for a while. Then one night I was just sitting and I looked down and blood had seeped thru my clothes from my incision. Called the doctor right away and thankfully now they finally wanted to see me. 

For whatever reason I got an infection from the c section. The doctor got so much gross stuff out of my incision and put me on antibiotics. Unfortunately for me I am allergic to penicillin and am nursing so my options were really limited. I took the medicine for a week and my symptoms weren't getting better so he extended it for another week. Still not better. My incision actually got really gross again and he wanted to reopen it up to drain it, but decided to do an ultrasound first. That didn't show much (just that everything was still swollen and healing) so he had another doctor come in and look at me. I didn't like him because he wanted me to just wait another week and see what would happen. Luckily my doctor didn't like that so he drew a circle around the infection and wanted to give it thru the weekend to see if it got any better before he would open it up again or do IV antibiotics. I am SO GLAD he waited because I started feeling better the night before I went back in. He decided to keep on waiting and the rest of that week it kept getting better and better. I could physically see it was shrinking down thanks to his little tattoo he gave me ;) It was wonderful!!! I started to feel like myself again! 

Then out of no where it all hit me again hard. The body aches and was back. We were devastated. My doctor decided I needed to get a CT Scan right away so I went in and had that done. What a lovely experience..........NOT!!!!!!!!! It was horrible! I had to drink some bitter concoction slowly for an hour and a half. Then they hooked me up to an IV and shot dye into my blood which made my insides feel like they were on fire. At this point in the process I told them I was nursing and asked if this was all safe for the baby. They seemed unsure.They told me to pump and dump for a few days just to be safe. I totally lost it. Started bawling right then and there while they were sending me thru some huge machine. It was embarrassing. They probably thought I was scared of the scan. I left all mad and called our pediatrician to ask what they thought and they told me to call the breast feeding hotline. I called them and told them the situation and they needed the exact name of the iodine that they used so I called the ct people back and got the name, called the hotline back and waited anxiously as they looked it up and they said it was fine! I could go home and nurse my baby! Best news EVER!!!!!!! I was so relieved. I had no clue whether or not she would even take a bottle let alone formula. 

Ok so this puts us up to date. I heard from my doctor this weekend on the results. They found something in my uterus but they aren't sure what it is. They thought it was part of the placenta that was left in there (which would make me really really sick) but my doctor is confident that he didn't leave anything behind so he thinks it could be something that has always been there. They will keep there eye on it and if my symptoms get worse they will start with that. They also saw that my bladder and uterus had signs that they had been bleeding because there was a lot of scarring there so he wants to wait and see how that continues to heal. He thought there would be an abscess or something like that to explain my symptoms but there wasn't. Luckily I have been feeling better again so I'm hoping this all doesn't come back. At this point we aren't exactly sure what was going on and why I wasn't getting better, but hopefully I'll just continue to heal and this will all be over :) 

Sheesh! What a rough 7 weeks. Ya so our sweet baby Jane is 7 weeks old! Amazing. She is an angel. I could not have gotten thru this if she wasn't so perfect :) So that's what has been going on with me. I'm so excited for the rest of summer and to finally get moving and feel like myself again. Thanks for all the love and prayers. I've really needed them :) I promise my next post will be happy and upbeat! No more complaining ;) Cheers!!!

Oh and here is my sweet little angel baby........


 Kevin calls her his little nugget that escaped from the happy meal........hehe!!!