Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Disturbing Events....

There has been a series of disturbing events that have happened to me recently. I know it's that time of year where I should be focused on things I'm grateful for, but I just can't help myself...... I must share them! So here I go-- My top 5 disturbing moments of the week--

Warning: Reader beware....some of these may be classified in the "TMI" category

1-  I've been having some issues so I went in to see my "girly" doctor. After an ultrasound it showed that my IUD was embedded into my uterus. Definitely not good so after an extremely painful procedure they removed it. I am deeply sorry if you've had any contact with me in the last week or so. I have been so emotionally crazy and all over the place (just ask my mom who got a call from me three days before Thanksgiving asking if it was ok to have it at her house instead of mine). Thinking back on last week makes me sick. It was rough. I was seriously disturbed......*shiver*...... Alrighty then, moving onto number two....

2- I was feeling like I had a bladder infection (probably somehow related to my psycho IUD business) and so yesterday I finally went in to an instacare to get it checked out. Turns out I do have one, but that is not the disturbing part........ As they were checking my blood pressure and my height and weight I saw something awful. Something horribly disturbing. My height. The little marker was pointing to 5 foot 5 and 1/2. I've been 5 foot 6 my whole life! (Ok well obviously not my "whole" life, but a lot of it). My dream height has always been 5 foot 7 and I've always been just one stupid inch short of my dream! I stopped the nurse and said, "Wait....is that right? Am I really five foot five and a half??? I've thought that I was five foot six for years!" She looked at me and pointed down and said, "Well honey, your five foot five and a half with your shoes on so actually your probably only five foot five." Dramatic slow motion--NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I can't believe I am 5 foot 5! It's like I don't even know who I am anymore!!! Gah! 

3- Ok so there's nothing more disturbing then smelling something yucky and not knowing what or WHERE it is. I'm embarrassed to say that this was the case in our car. The back of the car has been really full because I've been buying Christmas presents and all of Kevin's hunting gear is still back there and we've got our stroller and pack n play in there.....so ya I smelled something and after searching our seats I knew it must be in the back. I started taking stuff out and the smell got worse and worse. When I saw what was causing it I screamed out another slow motion Nooooooooooo! Our food assignment for Thanksgiving was stuffing and a platter of celery sticks with cheese in the middle....(out of the two guess which one no one ate).... Gross. Our platter was sitting in there and all the cheese had oozed out and had gone everywhere. On top of that there was also leftover Fluff that my sister made still in there. This is what it looked like on Thanksgiving--
So you can only imagine what it looked like four days later.........

4- This one might not sound disturbing to you, but it really was for me. As you probably know, I've completely submerged myself into the world of Gilmore Girls and I just finished the sixth season. I've heard a lot of things from people about the seventh season not being very good and how it's a different writer so I must have been really worried about it because I had a horrible dream about the seventh season. The episode started out with Rory getting murdered and everyone's reaction to it all. It was awful! Then suddenly I was in the episode and I could see Rory! I was the only one who could see her and she had gone insane and was telling me what happened to her and thru her telling me about it I was there and could see it all and we kept reliving it over and over and over again! It was soooooo scary!!!! We couldn't escape and every time a new episode started we were stuck in that first one while everyone else moved on........It was awful! I swear I spent all night long stuck in that disturbing first episode. Thankfully the next day I was able to start the seventh season and I'm happy to report that Rory does not die in it :)

5- Ok if you are still reading here is the last one.... I was getting ready for church this Sunday and I noticed that my leggings had a little hole in them. So naturally, instead of changing my outfit, I got a black sharpie and colored a big black spot on my leg where the hole was so I could still wear them :) Everything was all fine and dandy until this morning..... I took a shower and while I was in there my eyes spotted the big black spot! My heart just about flew out of my chest and I almost lost control and fell. I tried to contort myself so I could see it better, but the water was spraying everywhere so I turned it off and jumped out.  Cancer. It must be cancer. What else could this be?!? I sat down and took a good look at it and was completely panicking and about to throw up when I touched it and the most amazing thing happened! It spread to my fingers! Like an instant flashback I saw myself with the sharpie and it all came back to me!!! Phew! Haha! It seriously was such a terrifying moment....seeing some huge black spot on my leg! I scrubbed and scrubbed but unfortunately it's still on there pretty good as you can see--

don't mind.... I'll definitely take that over some horrible and "disturbing" disease ;)