Monday, February 24, 2014


Do you ever stop and evaluate the way you are living your life? Find your strengths and weaknesses and see how you are thriving and struggling? It's funny how you can be really strong in one area and then awful in another and then later completely switch and be strong in the other and weak where you were once strong. Gah! It's maddening isn't it?!? Well, right now I feel like I am absolutely might even say that I am perfect...............NOT!!!!! HAHA! TOTALLY KIDDING! Ok, no seriously I've been in one of those "evaluating" moods lately and there is one area in my life where I am definitely struggling. The dreaded "E" word..........Exercising. 

Emotionally I feel in check. Spiritually I feel strong. Physically I feel........bleh......... Do you ever feel old??? Like really old?!? Sometimes just getting up off the floor is so hard and walking up the stairs with a heavy laundry basket leaves me breathless! My hip and back always seem to hurt and all I want to do is sit and eat something sweet :) This is NOT how a 28 year old should feel right?!? Pretty sure it's not, but if it is then I don't like it and I wont stand for it! 

After I had Sam I felt so healthy. I bounced back really fast and I enjoyed going to classes and working out. It's definitely been harder this time around with Jane. I keep saying to myself, "Oh you just had a baby, you are fine!" and then finish off my bowl of ice cream...... Ya its almost been ten months since I had her. Ten months! It is time. I need to start doing something physical (besides chasing a nine month and three year old all day). So I have a plan. My body has always seemed to respond really well to Pilates so everyday this week I am going to get up and do it. I am also going to stretch and try to get back some of the flexibility I have lost........I can't let my sister be the most flexible one in the family ;) I am going to do this everyday for just one week and see if I feel stronger, leaner, more flexible, and less old. Hopefully I will and then I will have motivation to keep at it and do even more. Kevin and I have talked about doing the P90X challenge starting in March so we will see what happens and if we actually do it ;) 

Hopefully my little plan will go well this week because I really don't want to have to start limiting myself on what I can or can't eat. That's the worst. I love my treats! I am still nursing Jane so I know that it is NOT healthy to go on a diet or anything like that. I just want to feel healthy and alive again! I decided to blog about this today because I felt like if it is in writing then I will actually do it ;) Any advice?!? I've got to get into good habits so by the time I am thirty I will be thirty flirty and thriving! hehe! Wish me luck! I'll give you a full report next week. Hopefully I'll be feeling and looking a little less old :) 

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Post in Pictures

Happy Valentines Day! I hope everyone has a fun filled day full of happiness and love. There is nothing I love more then my family, so here are some (a TON!) of cute pictures that I've been meaning to share :)

                                                        I love it when these two jam ;)

                                                                  Making pizza!

                    Turned out pretty good.......kind of........ya it was actually pretty nasty.......

 For DAYS we could not find Sam's white shoes (his favorite shoes on the earth) so I took the kiddos away so Kevin could search thru our entire house and this is what he found. I guess Sam forgot that he hid them in his garbage truck!

                                                                 What a cute boy!

                                                              Peek a boo Janie boo!

                                                      Three. Two. One. Pinned!!!!

                                              Sam likes to make medicines for bear :)

He also loves to go grocery shopping! (Maybe these are signs that he has a future as a pharmacist in a grocery store???)

 I thought Kevin needed a good laugh one night so I put on his new glasses and sent him this little number with the caption, "Er ma gersh!" hehe!

                                             She's getting strong.....Look one hand!!!

                                                                  Love that smile!

                                                               Yes, that is a smurf!

                  I've always wanted a buff back........check out those muscles! She is ripped!

                                          Love it when these two get silly together :)

                                                    Someone found daddy's shoes......

                                                      Love this pic....sooooo pretty!

                                               Haha! Total blackmail!!!!!! Mwahahaha!

                               These two joined forces and were SO naughty this day :/

                         Sam got the croup, but had fun in our bed with bear and the iPad ;)

                                                               Valentines cookie!!!

 Here is one of Sam's Valentines he made........(if you don't get one, consider yourself lucky!)

 One day I was at target and was wearing the same shirt that I'm wearing in this pic. I saw the same shirt but it was in the man department so I thought it would be funny if I bought it for Kevin and gave it to him while I was wearing my shirt and see if he even noticed they were the same! He totally noticed right away, but he actually wears it and likes it! The other day we accidentally both wore our shirts so we took this cute pic ;) hehe!

                                                           Tickling Jane in the car :)

 My sister sent me this pic a couple of days ago and I started crying. Oh how I miss you Grey Cat!!! Love you!

                                          Me channeling my inner Carrie Underwood.....

                                                  We love bath time over here!

                      It was Kevin's birthday last night so we had a fun time celebrating!

I didn't realize I bought trick candles.......Sam and Kevin were so confused and so frustrated! Sooooo funny!

                                    Oh how I love these two! So glad they are here!!!

                                                    Papa D and Grandma Wendy!

My dad wanted to do something special for my mom so he had all of us send pics of our kids with a sweet Valentines message for her.......They turned out so cute!

                                          Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!