Monday, February 18, 2013

Party time!!!

This last week was Kevin's birthday and Valentines Day! What a fun week it was :) My family took him out to dinner the weekend before and somehow he managed to convince me to give him all his birthday presents then....(that's what I get for marrying a psychology major-he knows how to trick me into doing things) when his actual birthday arrived I knew I had to have something up my sleeve ;) So I planned out three little surprises for him......Mwahahahaha!

Surprise 1- Mountain dew on the stairs- He was walking up the stairs to leave for work that morning and found the mountain dew I hid for him....I jumped out and told him, "Surprise one of three!!!" He looked pretty nervous and scared of what I might be planning, but left and went on his way to work.

Suprise 2- The Dinner Kidnap- This one took some planning. Claymanda was nice enough to watch Sam so I could pull this one off. Here was the plan.........Kevin would get home from work and park in his spot in the driveway. He would then open the garage and go inside. Inside the garage is the door that leads to the house and on that door would be this note....
While Kevin read this note I would slip out the front door and run and secretly get into his car and hide in the drivers seat (tricky I know, but I had the confidence that I could do it!) Then he would go back and go to get into his car and BAM! I'd jump up and scare him and while he was frightened and confused I'd force him into the car and kidnap him and take him out to dinner!!!!! 

MY PLAN WORKED PERFECTLY. There was not a single error in my scheme. I don't think Jack Bauer could have done a better job. I totally scared him and he had no clue I was in there! We then drove to my secret destination.........Bombay House! YUM!!!! Kevin was so excited! We have always loved it there and hadn't been in a really long time. It really is so delicious. Don't believe me? Well good thing I took a picture......

                                                     This is one happy birthday boy!

It was fun being on a little date together. We hardly ever go out just the two of us so it was really special :) We spent the rest of the night with Sam and I think Kevin forgot all about surprise # 3........

Suprise 3- Oreos in bed- I had actually forgotten about this one too! I hid some oreos in his pillowcase earlier that day so when he would lay down to go to sleep that night he would be like "what in the?" and then there would be fun cookies inside his pillow! Fun huh! Hahaha! We both were surprised and it was super fun :) Happy Birthday Kevbev! 31!!!

The next day was Valentines Day and I woke up to a surprise of my own........look what my cute monkeys gave me :)

 I really like the mug because it reminds me of Sam and his cute little face! Every time he sees me with it he starts making monkey noises. Kevin told me Sam picked it out so it makes it that much more sweet.

I just love my boys so much. It was such a fun week with them and the holiday weekend made it so the fun didn't have to stop! 

                                   Chillin Saturday morning watching some toons ;)

                                                   Eating cookies at Paradise Cafe!

        We went to the Aquarium and they both couldn't get over how cool the fish were!

Claymanda went out of town for the weekend so naturally we took advantage of the situation and threw a little party ;) You never can go wrong with a bottle of Sparkling cider, chocolate, oranges, and Clue!!! 

Hope you all had a fun Holiday week!!!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Highs and Lows

The last couple of weeks have been filled with some wonderful highs and some crazy lows. Usually life seems to float somewhere more in the middle, but it feels like lately it is one extreme or the other. So I thought I'd share some of these highs and lows with you so you can see for yourself how up and down things have been :)

Kevin's new job- HIGH- About three weeks ago Kevin started a new job with Mountain America as their Interaction Designer. He loves it and of course that makes me so so happy! It is fun to have my nerdy coding web hubbie back ;) It's a wonderful job and I'm so grateful that Kevin not only works so hard to provide for us, but that he enjoys what he's doing. Yeah MACU!!!

The bathroom ceiling- LOW- The other week I was in the bathroom and I was....well.....quite frankly "using" the bathroom if you catch my drift........and suddenly out of nowhere the ceiling came crashing down and fell right on top of me! Ummm is it just me or has that ever happened to anyone else out there? I have a LOT of fears, but my brain never thought of that one! I kind of screamed and it was pretty loud so of course Kevin came running in to see what had happened. Meanwhile I'm sitting there yelling at him, "Eeeeeew GET OUT OF HERE!!! Don't you see what I'm doing?!?" It was a random and bizarre moment, but I guess that's life. Here is a pic to help you understand exactly what fell on me.....(don't worry, I'm not recreating where I was sitting at the time....oh and this was totally and completely a freak accident. Don't start to think that Clayton and Amanda's house is in bad shape because it is the most beautiful and wonderful home!!!) 

Dr. Thackeray-HIGH- So my OB has always been (and I hope always will be) Dr. Thackeray (AKA Dr. Twinkly eyes) and oh how I love him. Kevin changed jobs so for four months there I had to switch doctors and it was totally traumatic for me. I seriously LOVE DR. T!!! So when Kevin switched over to Mountain America I got to switch back over to Dr. Thackeray :) I had my first appointment back with him last Friday and it completely lived up to all my expectations. I had debated whether or not to run and hug him when I first saw him, but I was able to contain my excitement and just shook his hand ;)  It was so wonderful to be back at IMC and he even made my life better by telling me that I don't have to do the glucose test and drink that nasty drink! He says I'm doing great and that I'm healthy so don't have to go thru that! YAY!!! What a wonderful and perfect doctor he is ♥

Getting bigger- LOW- I've now reached my third trimester so I'm starting to feel the aches, pains,and discomforts of being pregnant. It feels like every day I'm pulling some new muscle just by doing something simple like reaching for Sam's toy or running five steps to put the grocery cart back. It's ridiculous! I go to sleep with a heating pad to help my back so it can function the next day and then cruelly enough, last night I dreamed that I was dancing and was absolutely beautiful and spot on. I whipped out ten pirouettes and the audience was on their feet applauding me and oh it felt so good! Then I wake up and have to face this.........

 (Bahaha! I sent this pic to some of my family as a funny little joke.....Kevin said he burst out laughing in the middle of a meeting! No one probably thought it was as funny as I did though.....I think I sat and giggled at it for a half hour straight!!! I'm glad I find myself so amusing) 

Put an offer on a house- HIGH/LOW- We found a great home in a really amazing area and put an offer in right after we looked at it. It was so exciting to finally feel like we were in the game and were making things happen and then the next day we found out that they had accepted another offer because their down payment was in competing with that! We weren't devastated by any means, but we really were so excited to be done looking and done with trying to make all these scary life decisions. It is just so hard knowing where we should even look and the fact that there is literally nothing out there right now isn't helping. I just wish I could know where we are meant to be and then I could just calm down and let it all unfold in its own time and its own way. I guess we just have to be patient and have faith that it will all work out.....even if that means we are still "homeless" when this baby girl comes!

Clayton's Doughnut- LOW- So Clayton travels a lot for work and he was traveling thru Seattle and I guess there is a really yummy doughnut shop there so he told Kevin and I to pick a doughnut and he'd bring it home to us. Super fun right? So for two days I sat and tried to decide out of all the doughnuts in the world which one I would want. I ended up choosing a maple bar for myself and told Kevin to pick an apple fritter so I could have that kind too ;) The day came when he was on his way home and guess what happened??? He got pulled over for talking on his phone with Amanda because apparently in Seattle it is illegal to talk and drive at the same time! So he had to hurry to the airport so he wouldn't miss his flight and didn't have time to get my doughnut :( Sad story huh? Nevermind Claydawg and the frustration and expense of getting a ticket........think of poor clueless me happily at home waiting for my doughnut like a chump..........hehehe ;)

My Family- HIGH- I'll end on a high note. I have the best family ever. I am so touched at how much they care about what is going on in my life. They really do want the best for me and Kevin and it is so wonderful to feel so loved. Cute Claymanda came downstairs last night and basically told us not to feel any pressure or anxiety to find a house, that we are welcome here as long as we need. How wonderful are they? Not only to let us live in their home, but be so welcoming and so supportive. Then I got a call from my mom this morning and again was reassured that everything would be ok and not to worry. That everything will work out the way it is supposed to. I love that my family is looking out for us and has our best interest at heart. It really means so much :) I better stop writing about them.......I'm starting to get teary here........(you'll notice I didn't mention Morgie....talking about her really gets the water works flowing!!!) I just love them and couldn't be luckier :)

So there you have it. I'm sure this week will be full of more highs since it is Kevin's birthday and Valentines Day! Hopefully the highs will continue to outweigh the lows as we keep pushing forward........they definitely are right now considering I have a bag of chocolate kisses in my lap :)