Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Birthday!

I've never been a huge fan of birthdays. Your expectations are super high, your one year older, and you're expected to be all happy all day long........it's a lot of pressure. Its not like I expect there to be fireworks or a parade in my honor, but I want.......lets see how do I put this.......I want all my dreams to come true! Basically that's it. Is that too much to ask??? I had one birthday when I was little and I swear that it was perfect. I woke up and the living room was filled with all the toys I could have ever wanted and then we had a huge party all for me and I ate as much cake as I wanted and it was a perfect birthday...... (I sure do hope I didn't make all that up.....I swear it was real!) Don't get me wrong, I've had a ton of amazing birthday's, but this year was different. This year all my dreams came true :)

My birthday fell on a Sunday so I kind of decided to pretend that Saturday was my birthday. It was an extremely busy day and we had a few showings so we were out and about all day long and I was so worried that something would go wrong to mess up our plans for that night. (It feels like every time I am excited for something I stress and worry about getting sick or others getting sick and then of course it almost always happens) Thankfully this was not the case. My parents and my siblings (excluding P & R.....love you guys) all made it to Olive Garden for dinner and it was a blast! I love being able to joke around with all of them. It feels like we're laughing the entire time. It was so much fun! Then me and Kevin headed off to go to Capitol Theatre where we saw.........................WICKED......dun......WICKED....dun.....WICKED!!!!!!!! (If you know the music then you know what I just did there ;) I have wanted to see this musical from the moment it came out on Broadway and so this really was a pretty big dream of mine :) While we were in the lobby our amazing realtor sent me a text to call him asap. We had time before the show was going to start so I gave him a call. Ok wait.......I need to slow down. Let me back track for a second. 

So our place was getting a ton of traction and we actually received an offer but it didn't work out so when anyone would ask me what I wanted for my birthday I would say "I want a bidding war on our place"....call me crazy or greedy but that is what I wanted. People would laugh and so would I, but deep down it was what I really wanted! We even joked about it at dinner that night. So when I called our realtor that night I couldn't believe what I was about to hear......

We received two offers!!! I couldn't believe it! They were both very different so we had to wait to see what the final offer would be. So Wicked started and I was completely overwhelmed by my emotions. I couldn't believe I was sitting there hearing that beautiful music and that we finally were going to be able to move forward with our lives. The feeling was incredible! What a glorious night! Wicked surpassed all of my expectations and I absolutely loved it! The next day was just as awesome. I felt so much love from my ward, family, and friends and of course my sweet Sam and Kevbev :) It was a perfect birthday indeed! Monday came and we signed a bunch of papers and I am happy to report that we are officially under contract! Woopedeedoo!!! I can't tell you how amazing it feels to leave the house and not feel like I have to scrub down every inch just in case someone shows up to look at it. Cleaning constantly has definitely been the hardest part for me during this process. Keep your fingers crossed that the rest of the steps go smoothly and there are no more hiccups ;)

Pretty sweet birthday huh?!? The only downside was I got a TON of treats and I have no self control so I ate most of them in 24 hrs which did not make my stomach very happy. On the plus side though I was on a fun sugar high for days which was pretty funny ;) Thanks to everyone who made my birthday such a wonderful and life changing day!!!

(Oh and I couldn't do a post without some fun pics so here you go!)

  See why cleaning was such a pain for me? I'd go to the bathroom and come out to it looking like this! GAH!!! No joke!

My awesome friend Lindsay posted a karyoke video of me onto fb for the whole world to see so I guess this is kind of pay back :) Mwahahahahaha!

                                          But look how cute her hair turned out to be!!!

                               Sam looking pretty studly riding a tractor at Wheeler Farm

                                  Eating lunch with his two best friends.....bear and blanky :)

                                      Sam LOVES the dinosaur play place at City Creek!

                                                      We like to be silly most days ;)

                           This picture cracks me up! Sam is definitely pretty spoiled over here......

                                               Kevin and I at Wicked!!! Best. Night. Ever.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Townhome!

Here's a little house update.........we just lowered our price! Exciting huh?!?  Haha :)We are now asking $119,900. We feel really good about it and hope you tell your family and friends or anyone you know who may be looking. It's such a great place and is in the most wonderful neighborhood. Wish us luck as we continue on this journey of selling. Hopefully soon we will be on the road to buying! Thanks for all your help!!!