Thursday, May 23, 2013

Baby Jane!

 Her birth story............

Both of the kiddos are asleep right now so I figured I had to take advantage of this moment and do a quick blog post! Baby Jane is here!!! It has definitely been an emotional roller coaster these past two weeks, but I think we are finally settling into a routine, or as I like to call it, our new normal :)

On May 9th we were scheduled to have the C Section done at noon. It was a great morning. I got up and showered and took my time getting ready and getting all pretty ;) We dropped off Sam at Grandma and Grandpa's house (which was surprisingly not sad at all for me!) and headed off to the hospital. Kevin and I weren't nervous....we were both pretty silly and it was fun to be together and to be so excited. We strolled thru the hospital doors and walked up to the nurse behind the desk and said, "Hello! We are here to have a baby!" (not quite how you'd picture going in to have a baby, but hey it works!) From there we got a room and I changed into a gown and the funny cute blue socks and they hooked me up with an IV and put monitors on to watch the baby while we waited. It was pretty funny because during this time I was totally having contractions.....the monitor was going crazy and the nurse said even if we weren't scheduled for the C Section we would have come in that day anyways ;) 

 Everything up to this point was happening so fast. Kevin got all suited up and they were about to take us back when an emergency C Section needed to be done. We were happy and comfortable (and I was kind of relieved) so of course it was ok. The worst part of waiting was I was SO HUNGRY!!!!! I hadn't eaten in over 18 hrs! I thought I was going to pass out and when the anesthesiologist came in and explained everything he would do he also mentioned that I wouldn't be able to eat anything till the next morning....... I about burst into tears! Luckily I held it together and a around two thirty they took us back into the operating room. 

They did the spinal block which I guess is different from an epidural.......It was so bizarre because it took effect immediately (except for my right foot....I could move it the whole time!) After a few minutes I asked the anesthesiologist if it was normal that I could still feel the doctors touching me. He laughed and told me that they had already done the incision and were well on their way so it looks like the block was working ;) It was so crazy being able to totally feel them pull and tug on me but feel no pain. They put a mirror up for me when they were ready to take the baby out. They angled it in such a way that I couldn't see any of my organs laying out beside me......BLEH! It really was strange to see two doctors elbow deep in blood inside me.......sorry.......TMI???

 Seeing what I saw next was by far the most amazing thing I have EVER seen in my life. My doctor told me to watch and that the head was coming and then BAM! Out came her bum! Turns out she was breached. My doctor had no idea! (Good thing we had to have a C Section anyway) He pulled out her bum and the second he did she peed and it flew out towards the other doctors! HAHA! They all screamed a bit! hehe! She's already a little prankster ;) Seeing them pull the rest of her out was incredible. I just couldn't believe it! With Sam I felt so disjointed and couldn't really believe that he came out of me, but this time to actually see it made me feel so much more connected and apart of it. It felt like I waited an eternity to hear her cry, but once she did I was completely overwhelmed with happiness! She was so beautiful! Absolutely perfect :) 

                     Jane Rebecca Davis born at 2:54 pm, 6 lbs 2 ounces 19 1/2 inches long

Everything from then on went so smoothly. Oh wait, except for the rest of that night........I got super sick from the spinal block and puked my guts out (pretty painful when you've just been sliced open), but at least I wasn't hungry anymore! The pain from the C Section was not nearly as bad as the first time. Recovering from that has been much easier. I didn't need to take any of the heavy duty drugs so I was with it and comfortable the whole time :) She is an amazing eater so that wasn't nearly as traumatic as the first time around. Everything was going so well until...............dun dun dun.............

I TURNED INTO A CRAZY HORMONAL EMOTIONAL MONSTER!!!!! I am not joking. That first week home was the hardest week of my life. I honestly couldn't process or comprehend all  that I was feeling and I just cried and cried and cried and cried and cried........poor Kevin. He is a rock. He saved me. Him and my mom......don't know what I would have done without them. I seriously felt like I hit rock bottom and now I think things are starting to normalize and I can function again :) So I'm sorry if it felt like I was ignoring any of you.........I just feel like I get overwhelmed really easily right now so I'm still kind of hiding out, but thank you for caring and for being concerned! I'm sure I'll be social again soon!!!

Today is her two week birthday. I can't express how much I love her and my little family. Sam has been an angel and is so sweet to her......can't believe we were actually worried about him.....he has done the best out of all of us with all of this change! I was so worried that I wouldn't love this little girl because I am so in love with Sam. It's scary how much your heart can grow. I am so grateful for all the love and support we have received. Tomorrow is her two week appointment so hopefully she is back up to her birth weight. Keep your fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted. Hopefully I'll continue to become human again and this little peanut will keep growing and get a bit bigger.....until then we will keep hiding........

.......and sleeping :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This is the moment!

 So tomorrow I am having a baby........ummmm how does one comprehend that?!? It is so different this time around because it is scheduled and planned and there is no guessing when it will be or how it will happen. Both are maddening and I see pros and cons to each situation. This week I think I've been in total denial (Kevin too) but as of right now I feel at peace and kind of excited :) Today was a wonderful day. I wanted to have nothing planned so I could spend every minute with Sam and enjoy our last day with just the two of us. He is honestly my best friend. I LOVE being with him. It's fun! I sometimes forget I'm his mom because we just have such a good time together. Man I love that boy ;) I am so scared about how this change will affect him, but I know in time he will be fine and we will all be one big happy family! 

It is weird to think that at this time tomorrow I wont be pregnant. Even though this time around has been a lot harder I really will miss a lot of things about being pregnant. So I decided to make a list of my top five things I'll miss most. Here you go!

5- Pulling the "I can't..... I'm pregnant" card- It was just nice to have a legit back out plan. It really could be used for anything and it was so nice having it there just in case. I probably used this the most on Kevin.......but he would always call my bluff so it didn't really work ;)

4- The fun looks I'd get- Let me explain......So when I was pregnant with Sam I got so many looks from people that said, "Oh my, that poor teenager got pregnant" It was hilarious! I seriously would get the craziest stares wherever I went! This time around has been even more fun because not only am I pregnant, but I have a toddler with me so I would see people look at me like, "That poor teenage girl has a kid and STILL got pregnant AGAIN!" haha!!! I just love it! They are super fun ;)

3- Prego clothes- I love wearing maternity clothes. I think they are so cute and so comfortable! I love the dresses, the pants, the skirts, the skinny jeans, the blouses, the tee shirts...........AH! It is seriously so much fun to get dressed every morning! I actually got a little teary eyed this morning putting my cute turquoise skinny jeans on for the last time.........(but then I remembered how Kevin called me a cute blueberry the last time I had worn I didn't get too sad......)

2- Late night cereal- Every night before bed I eat a bowl of cereal. Oh how I love cereal. There is no guilt eating right before bed when you are pregnant and I'm sad that will be gone now. I love going to bed with a happy full tummy. I'll sure miss you my sweet irresistible captain crunch :(

1- No wrinkles- This one makes me the most sad....... When you are pregnant you don't have to iron. EVER. You just throw whatever on, no matter how wrinkly, and suddenly it's like magic.......BAM! You are wrinkle free!!! Soon I'll have to iron my clothes every day like a chump. So so sad. It really has been so wonderful :)

Well that's it! I wont go on about all the things I wont miss, but I'll just say that I am SO excited to not be pregnant anymore and to finally meet this little girl and fall in love all over again :) Can't believe the next time I do a blog post it will be all about her.......crazy!!! Wish us luck tomorrow and send happy thoughts our way! 

(This video pretty much sums up everything I'm feeling!)