Friday, May 23, 2014


Have you ever felt cursed? Like seriously for reals cursed?!? Now I know that I am VERY blessed and have a wonderful and happy life, but there have been a few things that no matter what I do I am seriously CURSED....... Seriously!!!!!! Ok let me explain--

Let's start on a small scale... Can openers. Every single can opener I have ever owned has been terrible. Absolutely terrible. I'll buy a cheap one and it breaks. I buy an expensive one and it breaks. I buy a mediocre one and it breaks. I'll never win. They will always beat me. I am cursed! 

Another one-- lip gloss. I had a lip gloss I loved and used for almost fifteen years and now it has disappeared. I searched and searched for a new kind and finally found this...

Love it. I found it at Walmart and thought my life was complete again. I ran out so I checked all the grocery stores we go to and couldn't find it. So I went back to walmart. I've been a million times and they never have this color. Finally one day they had one there so I bought it. I opened it when I got home to find the tube inside completely empty. Every time I've gone back since then they haven't had it again. Then two nights ago I went and it was there! I decided to buy the two that were left just to be safe. I opened them both right away to make sure they were in there and they were! Woohoo! I got home and put them in my make up tub and like literally five minutes later I found Sam covered in shimmer. I ran into the bathroom to confirm my worst suspicions and what I found was horrifying....He had grabbed them and twisted them all the way up and smeared them everywhere. Again, like I said....CURSED. 

This brings me to my current cursed situation. Kevin and I decided that we would make a goal to have some big house projects done by Jane's birthday (which was May 9th) and we actually almost made it. We got rid of our beautiful turquoise indoor carpet and put in wood floors. Here is a pic showing all the different stages :)
It was pretty intense. They estimated that they would need 3 bags of leveling solution stuff and they ended up using 24 instead of it being a one day project it ended up being three days and a LOT more $.... This is what we lived in--

Kind of fun! Haha ;) Ok so Jane's birthday was on a Friday and they got done with the floors Wednesday night. We had picked out a few handles for our cabinets and seeing them with the new floors I decided this was the one I wanted--

Thursday morning I woke up early and went to Home Depot to buy the remaining 41 we needed. They only had 23 there so I bought those and went home. I put them all on by myself and was so proud. They told me other Home Depots in the area had tons more so I figured I could get the remaining ones that night. I went and they had the same ones, but they were black instead of bronze. They told me to go to a different Home Depot and that they would have them for sure. I snuck away early Friday morning (the day of our big party) and went to get them. I got there and it was the same thing....they were all black instead of bronze. The sku number was the exact same, but they werent the same! They were black! The workers kept telling me that they had them because there computers said they had them, but they weren't the same. They didn't get it! I was about to lose it, but decided to go to a different Home Depot (my fourth one at this point). I grabbed a bronze handle at home so I could show them just in case. I got there and of course it was the same situation....they were all black. Again I had to sit there and listen to them tell me that they did have them and that these were the same ones I had bought (because the sku was the same) even though the one I was holding was brown and the others were BLACK. BLACK!!!! I totally lost it at this point. An angel named John came and took over. He could actually see past the sku number and see the difference between my bronze one and their black one so he went and looked in all their boxes to see if he could find some for me. Meanwhile I am sitting on the ground crying and people are awkwardly walking around me. He couldn't find any that were the same. It turns out that literally over night they stopped making them bronze and changed them to black and I was lucky enough to get the last remaining 23 that existed in the universe. He sat with me for an hour and we went thru hundreds trying to pick out the ones that looked the most bronze. He was so nice. I decided to go home and see if they would work and he told me if they didn't then he would refund me for all of them even though I had opened half of them and didn't have a receipt for the first 23 I bought. I went home and put the rest on and they looked terrible! Didn't work at all. I decided to leave them on for the party and prayed that no one would comment on how half were black and half were brown because I probably would have attacked them. now it is about nine in the morning. We bought a new fridge and stove and they were supposed to deliver them sometime between ten and two. They came around noon. Perfect right? They took our old fridge and stove and brought in the new ones. If they didn't fit I was going to completely break down. They bring the fridge in first and.........totally didn't fit. Way too big. Two inches too tall. If Siena hadn't been there I don't know what I would have done. The workers were pretty snoody and just stood there asking me what they wanted me to do. I called Kevin and he said for them just to leave it there and when he got home from work we would figure it out. To say I was freaking out is a total understatement. They wheel in the stove and it did not look like it would fit either. After pushing and pushing it finally BARELY squeezed in. They left and I seriously think they were grateful they were still alive. For those of who who don't know, I can get really freaky scary. Poor Kevbev knows :( He came home and ripped out the cupboards (along with the molding unfortunatley) so we could get the fridge in. He somehow found a way to get the molding back in and fifteen minutes before the party started we pushed it in.....

Now we just need to figure out what to do above the fridge there. I want to just get a cute picture or decor thing and cover it up, but the perfectionist in Kevin probably won't let me do that ;) Oh and a funny side note-- Kevin wanted to try and hook the water up to the fridge before the party (during that fifteen minute interval) but I said no and it was a good thing I ended up being a couple hours of intense water spraying and leaking and two trips to Home Depot before it was all done.....phew!!!!! At least one crisis was averted! 

So now it is May 23rd and we still have no handles on our cupboards. We can't find any that we like. We have to pry at them with our fingers to get them to's ridiculous! I'm pretty sure that my angel, John, was indeed just that-- an angel, or he is one of the three nephites because I keep calling that Home Depot back to see if he is there working and they don't know who I'm talking I still have all my blasted brown and black handles :( So where was I going with all this??? Oh that's right..... I am cursed. CURSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

If anyone knows where I can get beautiful handles for my kitchen, some champagne Burt's bees Chapstick, and a can opener that works all at the same place.....please oh PLEASE tell me :)