Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Prank of all Pranks

For those of you who know me, you know I LOVE a good prank. Especially when I am the one pulling the prank. I used to be a complete amateur..... When Kevin and I were first married I would hide in a closet and wait for him to come home just so I could scare him. The second I heard him coming I would burst out giggling and ruin the whole thing. This happened too many times to count and he would open up the closet and say something along the lines of, "Really? Again?" Needless to say I wasn't very good at it. But slowly I improved. Once I wrote a fake note that was supposed to be from our landlord and taped it to our door. It said that he was selling the place and we needed to be out by the end of the week. I matched his handwriting perfectly! Kevin had actually fallen for it until he came in and took one look at me and then I burst out laughing...... I definitely needed a lot of work. On a side note my mom had actually dropped by earlier and saw the note and hurried home in a panic and started making calls to try to find us a place to live! Haha!!! What a good mom! :)

Years went by and slowly I have gotten better. I am notorious for all my April fools pranks--being pregnant, cutting my hair, being pregnant with twins, cutting my bangs, fake snake in the underwear drawer, moving to Denver to go to grad school, leaving a positive pregnancy test in Kevin's brothers bathroom.........the list goes on :) As time has passed I've started to feel kind of guilty for all the deceit and its made me wonder, "Is there anyway I could use these amazing skills that I've perfected so perfectly and use them for good?!?" Well it took me a while, but I'm proud to say that I have done just that. So here is my story. I like to call it The Prank of all Pranks!!!!!

We have been doing a lot of updates to our home and we decided that we really wanted to paint our kitchen cabinets white. Kevin has been slammed with work and grad school and he seemed really stressed whenever I would bring it up so when Kevin told me he was going hunting for the weekend I knew that this was my time to shine! I had to have every detail planned or I knew I would mess this up so I sat down and devised my plan. 

My first step would be to get some help because there is no way I could pull this off on my own. My awesome sister in laws, Amanda and Kris, were on board to take Sam and Jane Friday night to late Saturday afternoon. Our wonderful close friends, Rob and Lauren Smith, would be there that entire time to help me paint. I even had more friends on call to come help (thanks Jen!) I could not have done it without you guys so thank you!!! Step one- check! Step two would be to get all the materials I'd need. Kevin checks our bank account daily so how could I buy all this stuff from Sherwin Williams and not have him know what I was up to??? Cash? No......he would see that and wonder why I took out two hundred bucks in cash. Credit card? No..... I'm too scared to use a credit card. A check? Yes! It was perfect. That would buy me some time because it takes a while for checks to clear. Ok so I bought all the supplies and they were very nice to me there. I think they thought I was a little crazy because I was SO excited and told everyone in the entire store my plan. Hehe! Everything so far was going smoothly. 

The next day Sam's bike broke and so we went to go buy him another one. When we pulled up to Walmart my heart stopped. All the paint and supplies was still in the trunk. We would have to put the bike in the trunk. He would see it all and figure it all out. Nooooooooo! So I tried to stay cool and said, "Hmmmm maybe we should go home and get our bigger car because the bike won't fit in the trunk.....there's lots of stuff in there....."  Kevin dismissed me and we walked inside. I seriously debated grabbing his keys and taking off, but knew that would be way too suspicious. Maybe I could say that I had to go to the bathroom and run out and hide all the stuff in a bush somewhere and come back for it later? Too risky.....Someone could steal it and then they'd have the beautiful white kitchen and not us! No, I had to play it cool and stay calm. We found the bike and fortunatlry it was smaller then I thought so it could easily fit on my lap in the car.... Phew! We walked out to our car and Kevin went straight for the trunk. I panicked so what did I do? I slapped his hand away really hard and grabbed the bike from him and said, "I'll just hold it on my lap.....all those heat filters are in there and there's just not enough room so I'll hold it. It's fine. I'll hold it. It's fine. It's fine. I'll hold it." 

Kevin looked at me like I was crazy. We both got in and he said, "This is obviously very important to you so I'm not going to say anything right now." I knew he knew I was hiding something so the second we pulled into our house I made him take Sam on a bike ride to break in his new bike (never mind that it was pitch black outside). When they were riding away I heard Kevin ask Sam if he wanted to go show Rob his new bike. Shoot!!!!! Rob and Lauren know everything! He could trick them into telling him things! The second they were out of sight I threw open the trunk and hid all the paint and then rushed in to call Lauren and warn her that Kevin was on his way and that he might ask her if I was hiding something or planning anything. Thankfully she answered and she played it cool ;) 

I was still worried that Kevin knew something was up so I decided I better cover my tracks. The next day I bought him some Dr. Pepper's and his favorite crackers and put them in the trunk. He was about to take off to go hunting and I had prepped Sam to tell him that we had a surprise for him..... I opened the trunk and bam! Now he thought that I was acting weird because I was hiding some cheezits and DP! Mwahahahaha!!!!! Everything was back on track! 

He left and stage three of the plan was in full force! I dropped off the kids and got to work! I worked from 2:30 that day till 12:30 in the morning and then from 7:00 AM till 3:30 that day. It was hard work, but we just about pulled it off....... My dad was the one hunting with Kevin and he was in on everything that was going on. It was his job to stall and keep them there as long as possible. My dad and Kevin are a lot alike and aren't very talkative people so they pretty much ran out of things to say that first day ;) My dad did his best but by 1:00 Saturday he couldn't take it anymore and decided to call it. My mom called me in a panic to tell me they were on their way! There was no way we could put all the doors back on in time because they were still drying so my dream of having it all completely done was dead..... BUT we had everything just about painted so it was a pretty close second :)

 Kevin pulled in and the look on his face was priceless. He did NOT look happy. He saw us in the garage with all the doors and thought we had just started. He was exhausted and thought, "Great, looks like this is what I'll be doing for the rest of the weekend." He got out and the closer he got the happier his face got :) I'll never forget the look on his face when he walked inside and saw it all painted......our beautiful white kitchen! He was thrilled! He really was speechless! I've never seen him like that before. It was so fun telling him everything that had happened and finally having the satisfaction of fooling him!!! He really never suspected a thing! This was definitely by far the most exciting and rewarding "prank" I've ever done. I can't wait until my next big idea hits me ;) Until then I guess I'll stick to my usual pranks....... Oh and on an unrelated note we are so excited to announce that baby number three is on its way!!!!!! 

Seriously did I get you??? :)

Here are some fun pics that I took so you can see all that this entailed...

I took off all the doors by myself! 

Rob working his mad taping skills ;)

Lauren dominated those doors!

All primed and ready to be painted.....

There were 42 doors to be painted...

Starting to come together!

Finally put all the doors on a few nights later!

Love it! Oh and do you recognize those handles?!? I blogged about them...they looked great with the white so we were able to use them! Who would've thought?!? 

Now we desperately need new countertops and a nice shade of grey to paint the walls....just one shade....not fifty :)

Pretty good job I do say so myself ;)